How To Secure Your Whatsapp or Whatsapp Secret Trick 2019.

How To Secure Your Whatsapp or Whatsapp Secret Trick 2019. 

Hello my dear friends how are you all guys i hope you guys will be awesome guys, in this post of today we will have seen what you are going to tell us if you have not yet learned how to secure your whatsapp If you can, then you keep reading this post till the last. Friends, you must be aware that nowadays our jealousies are born very much and if we do any good work, then we do not allow that work to be good, so I keep trying to hack something of yours. We are going to tell you the trick of how to protect your WhatsApp from being hacked. When you give your mobile phone to someone, it keeps doing something in your mobile phone and if your WhatsApp number is with someone and your mobile is also with someone, then they would like to make WhatsApp on your number, then track this Even after adopting OTP even after adopting it, you cannot make WhatsApp on your number. Till the code given by you is not put in it, then he cannot make WhatsApp on that number even if your mobile is with him, he has OTP, whatever it is but he cannot make WhatsApp on your number, so let's start And tell you more about that trick and save your WhatsApp account from being hacked.

Step 1. First of all turn on your WhatsApp. 

Friends, for this track which you are going to tell you, you have to first start your WhatsApp, but you will know how to turn on your WhatsApp, first of all go to your WhatsApp and when you go to your WhatsApp So many options will come in front of you, firstly, the name of your WhatsApp version will be written. After that there is a search mark, except for the search mark which comes after three points, you will have to press on it, after clicking on it, you will get many options. Out of which the first option is to create a new group so that you can add a lot of numbers to it by forming your group. Number two comes to create a new broadcast, you can create a new broadcast by adding your number to it. Number 3. comes on Starred massage friends. This is the option by clicking on which you will like any message you like the most, you can keep it private in this option, friends, after that an option comes after that. You have to press on the setting mark, after pressing on the setting mark, you will get many options. Out of which the first option comes to you to change your photo name and about etc. But you do not have to go on it, after that the second option comes, it is written in the account and comes after the account, chat comes after the chat, notifications and notifications After comes the data and storage and after that comes the help option, but you have to click on only one of these options, which is the first option. After you click on the account you of which also will get plenty of options there. You will get the first option in this, you get the second option after the privacy, after the security, you get the third option, two step verification and after that you get the fourth option to change the number so that you can change your number and after that On the fifth number you get the request for account information in which you can know the information of your account, then its See you later. Delete a deleted account from which you can delete your WhatsApp account permanently so that no one can see your account. So now it comes to how to secure your account, which can not be hacked by your account, then for that you have to go to the option that has been given to you with two step verification and in that you have to enter a number from which someone Could not remember even just after entering the number other than you, you have to enter that number one more time, then after that you have to enter your email ID. In which, if you forget that number, you will get the option to forward it, you have to enter your email ID twice and click on save. Now your account has become secure. Now no one can hack your account. And no one can make WhatsApp on your number.

Friends, in this post today, we told you how you can protect your WhatsApp account from being hacked and how you can keep your account secure, friends, if you liked this post then definitely share it with your friends and Be sure to press the button which will be subscribed in this website because if I insert any new post, you will get its notification first. Friends, do make a lovely comment in this because it gives us motive and if we are ready to write the post, then we get all thanks for today in the next post.

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