2nd part Business foundation | How To Start Powerful Business Without Investing money

2nd part Business foundation | How To Start Powerful Business Without Investing money.

Business foundation | How To Start Powerful Business Without Investing money.
Business foundation | How To Start Powerful Business Without Investing money.

Slows down This word impedes the intellect. If the ghost of this word does not hover in the mind of the person, then even with minimum capital, one can make a brilliant business by making his move. Walt Disney, the man who enchanted the world, William Proctor and James Gamble of Procter & Gamble, who ruled the whole world, began their lives with extremely difficult circumstances, but they started with full faith and never Did not look back The first meeting between Procter and Gamble is a very interesting story. Both of them were in the same compartment on the train. Proctor was busy reading the newspaper. His leg accidentally touched Gamble. Procter apologized to Gamble in a polite tone, and this was where his first conversation began with the relationship between the two big businessmen. Later both of them were married and their wives were sisters. He started a small scale soap and candle making business, which today is the leading multi-national company 'P&G'. Just as there is a myth of the need of large amounts of money to start a business, people make the same mistake about the role of luck in becoming big in a person's life. To be fair, 'fortune' is an imaginary object. The main reason for your failure is lack of efforts. Many people prefer to play the bean of their failure instead of understanding this basic thing. Opportunity knocks on all doors, not once. We finally have it in our hands, to capture and use in our progress. At the same time, our inferiority complex tests our own potential. Therefore, many times people hesitate to take new and different decisions. That is, our limit is as much as our mind, if a person is determined then he can also increase his 'reach'. Shweta Ganu, a writer based in Thane, gives all three examples in her book 'Builder Whychay Mala' (I want to be a builder). It is certainly exciting to read the stories of so many famous builders who entered the trade, while neither had their background in the field nor much financial support, as shown in their book, but they all have their endings: The flow was the same. Mohan Deshmukh of Deshmukh Constructions, who left his mark in the construction sector, wrote a letter to his father when he started his construction business. He instructed in the letter, "Remember, never do anything wrong for money." These words of Mohan Deshmukh's father are a guiding philosophy for many noted builders, who have reached the heights of pride in their business fields. The foundation of any business should only be honest. If all the above three things are kept in mind, then the foundation of any business will definitely be strong. Trying to raise it without worrying too much about money, giving more importance to luck and optimally utilizing your abilities without inferiority are the trinity elements of success script.

This path may be difficult, but success The guarantee is 100 percent. Money is a big issue. It is true that business cannot be started if there is no money nearby, but for those who want to start a new business, there is really nothing like being disappointed in not having money nearby or stopping efforts. It is true that money is needed to start a business, but there is no rule that these money should belong to the aspiring businessman. Do not forget that business should always be done with the investment of others. Today there are many legitimate ways to raise money. The government has many good schemes to encourage trade. Today, loans are being given without much complications, terms and conditions, but the businessman will have to study how he can raise money to suit his needs. They should find other means of raising money without investing their money. Lenders will believe them only when their efforts are clear. If lenders feel that their passion is true, then they will give loans without any hesitation. Due to their honesty and truth, many big businessmen got loans in the early days of their business. Start-up India is a good start. All the banks are going ahead to provide the basic financial support needed for start-up businesses to start-ups. Your ambition must be there. If the effort is made without giving up courage then success is sure to be achieved. Veteran industrialist Nilkanth Kalyani has two very good examples. He had decided to hand over the project report of his company Sipco to an American firm. He asked for the fee as $ 45000 and that too in foreign currency. Kalyani came to Delhi to get them. They thought that they would get these money in 2-3 days. At the same time, he was to meet the secretary of the Department of Industries, but he could not meet him. The Secretary was always busy. Neelkanth Kalyani would often visit his office every day and wait for hours to meet him. Meanwhile, his beloved uncle passed away. They became very upset and confused. They could not leave the work incomplete. Meanwhile, the secretary's brother-in-law also died. Therefore, he too was in a hurry to go to the airport. While exiting his cabin, he saw Neelkanth Kalyani. He realized that this young man has been waiting outside his office for the last several days. Nilkanth Kalyani met him and requested him to do his work. The Secretary assured, "I will see you when I return." This meant that Kalyani would have to wait for some more time. Kalyani also went to the airport leaving the secretary. Coincidentally, his flight was canceled. So they canceled their departure. Surprisingly.

It is said that Kalyani brought him back to office in his car. "Now I have time, what is your job?" He asked Kalyani. On hearing his request, the secretary called his typist and wrote the order, which was ready in 15 minutes. Nilkanth Kalyani got a loan of $ 45000. His tenacity flourished. There is another such incident. Kalyani was adamant on giving the right salary to his employees at the right time, but one day he had no money to pay on the pay day. He could not come till the last day of the month. Now he was respectful in saying that I will not be able to pay you, as I do not have the money. He contacted Mr. TA Pai, Chairman of Syndicate Bank. Pai Sahab called him to Mumbai to meet him. He listened to him. Pai told him that he would come to visit his factory the next day. Surprisingly, the next day Pai came to visit the factory. Arrived. Seeing the work there, he became confident. He instructed the other officer who came along to give a loan of Rs 20 lakh at the same time. Kalyani could do his work on the strength of his loyalty, honesty and passion. If he believes in honesty, he can go to any extent for your support. When the debt seeker appears to be right, then the constraints come down. There may be obstacles in the beginning, but if your determination is firm, it can be overcome. The example of Baramati businessman Rajendra Bhagat is extremely meaningful. The owners of only 1.5 acres of land would have lost their dreams of doing business. With a little money, he moved to Singapore. He was rejected in many places. His money started running out. In the end, he held a press conference of traders' representatives using all his remaining funds. He stated his purpose in broken English. The conference ended. Now he had only the money left to return home. Disappointed for two days, he returned to his home in Pune disappointed. His dream of doing international business was on the verge of collapse. They could not understand what to do. In the same situation, after two months, he suddenly received a letter from a representative of a Japanese trader. They wanted garlic. Rajendra had received an order to supply 1000 kg of garlic. He got Rs. After buying garlic at the rate of 15-20 per kg, it was sold in Japan for Rs. Sold 350-400 per kg. He made a lot of profit in it. Today this youth trades in agricultural products with many countries. Today his turnover is a few crores of rupees. With Rajendra, an incident happened very wonderfully. Once he received a lotus order from an American company. The best lotuses grow in India. Rajendra decided to fulfill this order. He traveled and chose the lotus near Bhopal region. They broke off the lotus leaves before sunrise. A chartered plane stood ready. The aircraft reached America within 24 hours and the company got fresh Indian lotus in full bloom at the scheduled time the next day. This example is the magic that a simple family young man could do.

While setting up your business, if you have a firm mind, you can also do such magic. You are the only obstacle in this. If you can overcome these emotional aspects coming in the way of progress, then surely you will find the path of progress easily. For this, the first challenge is to identify your own abilities. In our mind, we determine the limits of our ability to do anything. 'It is not for me,' or 'I cannot do more than this,' we say without hesitation. Most of the time, it is your inferiority complex. If we look at our own lives, each person's capacity is different. The capacity of a scooter rider may be greater than that of a cyclist and in this order a motorist, a truck driver, an aircraft pilot are quite different from each other and more capable than the previous ones, but if looked closely, those drivers There is not much difference among people. All those people are made of the same element. The only difference between them is their accepted challenges. It has also been observed that the greater the challenge a person accepts, the greater his ability. Thus we can conclude, "The difference in your ability is as much as the challenges you accept." It has to be understood that ability is not a physical parameter like a person's weight, length, etc. The possibilities are endless and It depends on how much you offer it. That's why during a struggle or a difficult time, people work more than their known capacity. According to this, a person riding 10 kilometers per day can increase his capacity by cycling 15-20 kilometers per day. This proves that at times it is just a state of mind. It can be increased by own will It means that our capacity is not always the same. It is only a demand of circumstances arising at a particular time. Therefore, we have to understand the meaning of capacity. Therefore, a person who has taken the step forward to start a new business should not consider his own ability to be undermined.

He should constantly strive to increase his potential through hard work. He should be mentally and physically It should be prepared to accept those challenges, so that its capacity can be increased, that is, ability is in everyone. We have to prepare our mindset for this. I asked a student, "What does luck mean, what are luck and bad luck? And does he believe in luck?" He replied, "I don't know. Many people are not clear about their thoughts of fate, good luck and bad luck. "Yet they blame it on the failures. We must have heard many times," Honi cannot be avoided. " Due to this attitude we lose faith in trying. We refrain from trying. Nothing is achieved without effort. The businessman also gets nothing by luck, for that he will also have to struggle. Therefore it is very important to understand what fate is. I think, "After efforts, luck is supported." After doing all that is in your hands, you can do whatever you can. Later, there is nothing wrong in relying on luck for the remaining tasks. There is a lot that is beyond our control. In many cases we cannot tell what is going to happen. Therefore, we consider it as destiny or destiny. We understand what the aspects outside your control mean. It simply means that these aspects are under the control of another. If that other one helps me, I call myself lucky, but there are some things which are not under anyone's control. Maybe it is nature or something. I think we should leave things to luck from here. So your efforts, your fate and your destiny are all different fields. This is the only meaning of destiny, but that simplicity also has no meaning that "I will not do anything myself and whatever happens in my destiny, I will get it." It is wrong to take it in the context that if there is God, then He will provide me with everything. "God helps those who help themselves. Everyone has set (in mind) the barometer of their destiny. Has set a hypothetical scale of 1 to 10 of his efforts and then destiny and then destiny begins, but in some people this scale of efforts is 20 or 30 and 31 The calculation of the state and destiny begins. In some cases, this limit is stretched to 50, 60, 80, 90 or 95. This means that you can reduce the magnitude of destiny or destiny if you want. Power is known as willpower. If your will power is strong, then no problem can become an obstacle for you. Such people consider problems as opportunities. They do not even name 'destiny' or 'destiny'. Thomas Alva Edison Are all familiar with the story. The fire went to look at his laboratory, where his water all equipment, furnishings, but Edison did not disappoint. He said, "God is great. He burned all my mistakes. Now I can start with a new thesis without mistake. ”And within a month after that, he invented the phonograph. No one can beat a person of this view. Senior poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote in one of his famous poems, "Those who try will not give up." It is necessary to cultivate the mindset of being so courageous before venturing into the field of business. Eminent writer Shiv Kheda wrote his book The title itself is 'You Can Win'.

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