hardness in business - 3rd part Start business without investing

hardness in business - 3rd part Start business without investing

Start business without investing

Do you want any formula of success from me? It is very easy, really double your failure / you consider failure to be an enemy of success but it is not so / failure can disappoint you or you can learn from it / so will get ahead / ”

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Irrespective of whoever wants to enter a new venture, it is imperative to face obstacles. If you want to overcome these obstacles then you have to walk on the path of honesty. We can call this mentality the value system or morality. We should follow this value system in all our works. Adhering to this will make the foundation of our life strong. We should build the higher structures of our life on this strong foundation. In this value system, along with high ideas like honesty, simple things like sticking to the scheduled time, sticking to your point and fulfilling commitments are also included. These things, which seem very ordinary to see, play a big role in grooming your personality. It is up to you to increase or decrease the value of your talk (commitment). Simple habits such as staying fixed on time reveal the attitude of the person and in the long run this quality has a great effect. These will prove to be very useful in branding your personality and business. You should take success and failure in this context. There are times during the course of business, in which you feel constrained on one.

It will be considered your stupidity if you show harshness. You are not able to decide who is luring you out of these various turns coming in the way. This is the first obstacle you face in the race for life or business. The easiest and proximate turn tempts you. The master-key is to overcome this first hurdle. Avoid shortcuts and keep moving forward. Many businesses have become famous by their firm faith in the path of honesty. Ravindra Prabhudesai, President of the Pitambari Group of Industries, recounts his father's memory. His grandfather owned a grocery store, but loyalty was a specialty of his family. There was never any cheating in the store about the goods. His father started a transport business. His faith and involvement in his business was that he would lend his hand to reduce the burden of employees. Once he needed a loan. The bank demanded bail from him. He had nothing to offer bail. He took the receipts of the installments paid for the previous loans and presented them to the bank. The installments paid regularly There was evidence of loyalty and honesty. Bank officials considered it valid and gave him a loan without any collateral. Prabhudesai attributes this entire family's loyalty to the Pitambari group's overall success. Only on the basis of this branding, their Pitambari product reaches 5 million customers through 1000 distributors in 16 states of the country along with many other countries of the world. If you have loyalty and honesty, then you can easily overcome the problem of capital. The first problem that comes to mind in starting a business is the capital itself. In common language, it means where to get money to start a business. I would like to make one thing clear here, it is sheer madness to think that to start a business there must be a big man like Tata, Birla or Ambani, or it can only be started on a large scale. These commercial empires are not established in a single night. The beginning of all large business groups was usually modest. So right in the beginning, you should remove it from your mind that I will start it only when I have enough money to start it or I will not start it at all, it is something like the desi proverb, 'Either I will eat with ghee or I will starve', but at the same time it should also be kept in mind that some money is needed to start the business. Trading without capital is like the poet's imagination. Many times this capital is not in the form of cash, but in terms of intellectual skills or ability. Then it has also been said that business should always be done with the money of others and people will invest at the same time, when they see profit in your business. When considering whose money it may be,

three categories come to your mind - (1) bank, (2) investor and (3) customer. This has been mentioned before, but here I would like to present them a little differently. Today, the network of banks is widely spread across the country in merchant, urban centers, cooperative and agricultural sectors. Earlier the network of banks was not so large. Therefore, there was little scope to get loan from the bank. Today, due to various government policies, it has become very easy to take loans from banks. Today banks have a lot of money. To grow their business, they have to give loans to customers. This requires a certain amount of reliability. Banks have such schemes. You have to make your profession and business in line with these schemes. One thing you should always keep in mind is that all your documents are valid and legal and you should follow all the policy and rules fully. If your documents are valid from various different aspects then no one can stop you from getting a loan. Investors come in the second cadre that provides funding for the business. Many people have abundant money today. These people are not satisfied with the interest rates offered by the bank. They want to earn more than this, but they do not wish to do their business or have the ability to work hard and overcome various obstacles. They only want to invest in some businesses that have good credit and profits.

If you like If you can instill confidence in the mind of investors, then you will get easy money from them. In the beginning, you can raise this money from your friends and relatives. If you are serious about paying their money with interest, then it is not wrong to consider them as an investor. Its third option is to raise capital directly from customers. In business parlance, it is called advance payment or advance amount. A simple example of this is the many 'self-help groups' run by women. People doing such business take advance payments from their customers in the beginning. By this, they buy raw materials and manufacture products, which are sold to customers. Their business runs from this profit. Such booking amount can be taken for any trade. Usually such advance amount is taken for vehicles, houses and even books. Previously, the booking period of Bajaj scooters was often 8-10 years ago. The Bajaj brand was surprisingly highly popular at the time, with customers also eagerly waiting to receive a scooter after making a booking. It was a matter of pride to have a Bajaj scooter in those days.

 Advance booking is also done for books by eminent authors. Advances are also taken for tour booking in tourism business. The basic thing in this is that customers should have 100% trust in your products and your integrity. You can also declare some kind of attractive discount / facility to attract the customers paying in advance, rather the merchants compete to give such discounts / facility to attract more and more customers. Pre-launch offers in projects also fall under this category. Even after looking at the above three options, many times traders prefer to start trading with their own money instead of raising money through the above methods, but such a thinker's business neither last long nor reach the height. Huh. The main reason for this is that people's personal wealth is very limited in this. Instead, this money should be kept aside as a contingency money for difficult times in business. Therefore, it is necessary to raise funds from all possible sources and use it in business. This is called leveraging. Lord Krishna took every possible help from every person in lifting the Govardhan mountain. If Sri Krishna's incredible power is seen, it was not impossible for him to do it alone, but he wanted everyone's participation in it. It is therefore necessary that funds are raised for business from all possible sources. Sri Krishna had touched the mountain with only his little finger. The same people of Gokul applied their strength to lift the mountain and completed this great task. We have to underline the most important point in it. That is, all the youth, old and poor had full faith that Shri Krishna could save them from this destructive rain. If the credibility of the trader is so undeniable, then there will be no hindrance in raising funds from banks, investors and customers.

Even after crossing the first hurdle to raise capital, the businessman had success in mind and Skeka continues to live without failure. The common man wants to avoid starting a true business, whether the money is derived from a variety of practices. He is always under stress by taking the calculation of profit and loss. One thing is clear that no one can earn a penalty without taking the risk. While starting a business, the best thoughts in any of the minds remain the same. He looks at this manaf's arithmetic with his success and failure. Actually, business is not the motions. This is a new one. Similarly, success and failure are also Yedon, not the motions. These are not good. Yejeevan's are asha. John C. Maswal has described a good case related to this in his 'Philly Forged' title paper. In public life, people sometimes have to face success and failure. It is a helpless part of life. Because of this failure or success, the mind is affected by intentions and pride. "Often success rises, which can develop pride, it digests up to failure, which causes it to sink in." And if it becomes more serious, then it can also be painful. This means that the head of success is a change of thought and failure, and failure affects the person who realizes it, while it should be the opposite, or the success to the right, so that you are humbled, while failure fails. Go, where it can be analyzed.

 Your child should focus on your failure, ie, when you are unsuccessful, you should consider it with seriousness so that you are a failure, so that you can change your functioning accordingly. You should become more generous on your success on the other side. You should realize that this success is not only achieved by your efforts, but it is the result of collective efforts. Recognizing that the right to the joy of this success is not yours only, you will distribute this joy among all. Success in the day should be constant. The brain should assess the failure without thinking deeply about the injury. This will not affect the heart too. There is another angle in this story of success and failure, which says that there is no success without failure, but failure should be considered as the ladder of success. This means that if you want to succeed, you have to fail and it is also said that the greater the failure, the greater the success. If you are more truthful about the idea of ​​success and failure, then your struggle will become a continual foundation and you will get a human face. Viyapat kapitna Kapna Saroj is a good example. Kapna Saroj daily on the day of his death. Earn 2 Achieved a turnover of 2000 crores. She went to find a Rita, she was married at the age of 12, her in-laws I suffered persecution and saw poverty in my father, who was a sergeant. He somehow found shelter in a Gujarati house and somehow got a daily stipend in a sewing shop. Got a job of 2. He did some extra work and bought a machine. Work started increasing. He combined his mental fortitude by being willing to work hard. Today Kalpana Saroj Rs. Kamani is the president of Tubes with a turnover of 2000 crore cadre. In my view, success can be defined in one word. The word is 'hard work'. Kalpana Saroj says, "Success is certain if you work hard." But what she said before is more important. She insists, "Whatever you do, your purpose is clear, pure. And it should be transparent. If people do not doubt your intention, then you have won half the battle. ”After moving through the first phase of raising capital, without worrying about success and failure and working hard continuously, that is, the foundation of your business is laid. If you succeed in it, then digest it in a balanced manner with a generous mind and include everyone else. If unsuccessful, consider it with a calm mind, and make a way out of it. Every business is a long-term run of obstacles and at the same time it is equally important to actually achieve the business standard. "A person must be so big that he can admit his mistakes, be smart enough to make a profit from them. And be strong enough to improve them.

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