Most Important General Knowledge Questions and answers 2019 - 2020

Most Important General Knowledge Questions and answers 2019 - 2020

Hi companions and welcome every one of you to futurebrightstar. Confronting every one of the issues showing up in each significant level paper, this has composed every one of these inquiries and answers which are exceptional for you, which you can contemplate and do your investigation effectively on the off chance that you like these inquiries and answers. In the event that you come, do impart to your companions. Much appreciated. 

Q. 1 Which is India's situation on the planet as far as zone 

A. Eighth 

B. Third 

C. Fifth 

D. Seventh 

Ans d 

Q. 2 At which spot Azad Rear Fauj was set up 

A. Japan 

B. Barma 

C. Singapore 

D. Jarmany 

Ans c 

Q. 3 Which of coming up next is viewed as the dad of Green Upheaval in India 

A. MS Swaminathan 

B. Jagdish Chandra Basu 

C. Varghese Kurien 

D. Nothing unless there are other options 

Ans. A. 

Q. 4 Suez Channel consolidates these two Oceans 

A. red Ocean and the Mediterranean Ocean 

B. Caribbean greens Pacific Sea 

C. North Ocean and Baltic Ocean 

Nothing unless there are other options D. 

Ans. A 

Q. 5 Which is the biggest maker of silk on the planet 

A. Japan 

B. China 

C. Malaysia 

D. India 

Ans. B 

Q. 6 Which mirror do dental specialists use 

A. Arched 

B. Curved 

C. Level 

D. Barrel shaped 

Ans. B. 

Q. 7 In which some portion of the plant is the cotton fiber taken out 

A. Root 

B. Leaves 

C. Stems 

D. Cotton seeds 

Ans. D. 

Q. 8 The world's biggest light is 

A. Andaman and Nicobar Profound Gathering 

B. Finland 

C. Iceland 

D. Greenland 

Ans. D 

Q. 9 In typhoid, the fundamental influenced organ of the body is 

A. Lung 

B. Tilli 

C. Liver. 

D. Atein 

Ans. D. 

Q. 10 Which of the accompanying shading deviations is most noteworthy by crystal 

A. Purple 

B. Red 

C. Orange 

D. Green 

Ans. A 

Q. 11 Which 

waterway isolates Europe from Africa A. Bas peras 

B. Gibraltar 

C. Dowar 

D. Bering 

Ans. B. 

Q. 12 Which port isn't arranged on the west shoreline of India 

A. Kochi 

B. Nahava Sheva 

C. Mamar Goa 

D. Paradip 

Ans. D 

Q. 13 is the Pentagon 

A. A chaineej firearm 

B. US Branch of Protection office 

C. Russian government agent office 

D. Nothing from what was just mentioned 

Ans. B. 

Q.14 The base age point of confinement to be chosen an individual from Lok Sabha is 

A. 30 years 

B. 35 years 

C. 20 years 

D. 25 years 

Ans. D. 

Q. 15 In which state is Jim Corbett National Park found 

A. Uttar Pradesh 

B. Madhya Pradesh 

C. Uttarakhand 

D. Himachal Pradesh 

Ans. C. 

Q. 16 Tulbul task is arranged on which waterway 

A. Chambal 

B. Jhelum 

C. Tapti 


Ans. B. 

Q. As indicated by the statistics of 17 years 2011, India's most educated state is 

A. Tamil Nadu 

B. Nagaland 

C. Maharashtra 

D. Kerala 

Ans. D 

Q. 18 Which of coming up next is overwhelming water 

A. Ice 

B. Obligation Riyam Oxide 

C Refined Water 

D. None of these 

Ans. B 

Q. 19 Who found hereditary code 

A. William Harvey 

B. Hargovind Khurana 

C. Louis Pasteur 

DF Venting 

Ans. B. 

Q. 20 Which is the longest trench of Uttar Pradesh 

A. Upper Ganga Trench 

B. Sharda Trench 

C. Ghagra Trench 

D. Yamuna Trench 

Ans. B

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