Most Important Hindi biology notes 2019 - 2020

Most Important Hindi biology notes 2019 - 2020

Hi companions and welcome every one of you to Confronting every one of the issues showing up in each significant level paper, this has composed every one of these inquiries and answers which are unique for you, which you can ponder and do your examination effectively in the event that you like these inquiries and answers. In the event that you come, do impart to your companions. Much obliged. 

Q.17 Which of the accompanying kind of life form causes intestinal sickness? 

(A) Microscopic organisms 

(B) Growths 

(C) Protozoa 

(D) Infection 

Stow away 

Answer C: 

Q.18 Which of the accompanying infection isn't brought about by infection? 

(A) Cholera 

(B) Smallpox 

(C) Hepatitis 

(D) Measles 

Cover up 

Answer A. 

Q.19 If the eye focal point winds up murky, the sickness is called: 

(A) Nearsightedness 

(B) Astigmatism 

(C) Glaucoma 

(D) Waterfall 

Cover up 

Answer D 

Q.20 Which of the accompanying substantial metal harming liver cirrhosis Prompts? 

(A) Copper 

(B) Lead 

(C) Mercury 

(D) Zinc 

Cover up 

Answer A. 

Q.21 Typhoid is brought about by 

(A) Pseudomonas sp. 

(B) Staphylococcus 

(C) Bacillus 

(D) Salmonella typhi 

Answer Stow away 

Answer D. 

Q.22 BCG is for inoculation 

(A) measles 

(B) tuberculosis 

(C) diphtheria 

(D) infection 

Stow away 

Answer B. 

Question GK on the Focal Assembly for aggressive tests 

Q.23 Which of the accompanying sickness is brought about by infection? 

(A) Tuberculosis 

(B) Typhoid 

(C) Flu 

(D) Diphtheria 

Stow away 

Answer C. In the 

human body Q.24 Jungle fever is brought about by which of the accompanying life forms? 

(A) Microbes 

(B) Infection 

(C) Mosquito 

(D) Protozoa 

Cover up 

Answer D. 

Q.25 Ringworm is a … malady. 

(A) Microbes 

(B) Protozoa 

(C) Viral 

(D) Contagious 

Answer Cover up 

Answer D 

Q.26 What is the name of the sickness emerging from nutrient B1 insufficiency? 

(A) Scurvy 

(B) Beriberi 

(C) Pelagra 

(D) Gum disease 

Answer Stow away 

Answer B 

Q.27 Which of the accompanying gatherings of supplements is influenced by the lack of the skin? 

(An) Iron, iodine, zinc, potassium 

(B) Riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, pantothenic corrosive 

(C) Nutrient K, calcium, fluorine, copper 


Conceal every one of the three answers 

Answer B. 

Q.28 What causes niacin lack The 

(A) Skin break out 

(B) Scurvy 

(C) Abscesses 

(D) Pelagra 

Cover up 

Answer D 

Q.29 What are the impacts of nutrient B6 inadequacy? 

(A) Beriberi 

(B) Scurvy 

(C) Dermatomy 

(D) A few kinds of skin inflammation 

Cover up 

Answer D 

World Geology General Information Inquiries for Focused Tests 

Q.30 Which of the accompanying illnesses is identified with Nutrient C inadequacy? 

(A) Psoriasis 

(B) Scurvy 

(C) Pelagra 

(D) Vitiligo 

Cover up 

Answer B. 

Q.31 What occurs because of nutrient K lack? 

A. Issue in absorption 

B. Issue in blood coagulation 

C. Issue in calcium digestion 

D. Three 

North Stow away 

North B 

Q.32 Utilizing laxatives... 

all the time is hurtful to... 

wellbeing. What insufficiency does it cause? 

(An) Iron 

(B) Potassium 

(C) Iodine 

(D) Chromium 

Cover up 

Answer B

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