Most importantly biology notes 2019 - 2020

Most importantly biology notes 2019 - 2020


Hello friends and welcome all of you to Facing all the problems appearing in every major level paper, this has written all these questions and answers which are special for you, which you can study and do your study easily if you like these questions and answers. If you come, do share with your friends. Thanks. 

Q.33 Vitamin D deficiency leads to growth: 

 (A) Arthritis 

 (B) Arthritis 

 (C) Hernia 

 (D) Rickets 


 Answer D. 

 Q.34 What is the condition in which the body gets proper nutrients? The part is not found, either from starvation, or as a result of poor absorption: 

 (A) Marasmus 

 (B) Malnutrition 

 (C) Kwashiorkor 

 (D) Malnutrition and Marmas


  Answer B. 

 Q.35 Nighttime dryness of conjunctiva, dry and scaly skin and hair loss are some of these symptoms: 

 (A) Vitamin K deficiency 

 (B) Vitamin A deficiency 

 (C) Iron deficiency 

 (D) Folic acid deficiency 


 Answer B. 

 SSC GK Question for Competitive Examination in Hindi 

 Q.36 Which of the following connects bones? 


 Answer Ligaments 

 Q.37 Which is the largest joint in the human body? 


 Answer Knee 

 Q.38 How many bones..... 

does an adult human have? 

 Answer - 206 

 Q.39 Human bone is made of mineral: 

 Answer Calcium 

Q.1 Who inaugurated the Indian Air Force facility-cum-publicity pavilion in New Delhi? 

 (A) Ramesh Pokhriyal 

 (B) Nirmala Sitharaman 

 (C) Narendra Singh Tomar 

 (D) Prakash Javadekar 


 Answer A. 

 A.2 Which is the largest coffee chain in India? 

 (A) Share a cup 

 (B) Starbucks 

 (C) CCD 


 Hide Costa Coffee 

 Answer C 

 Q.3 When did Alexander the Great visit India? 

 (A) 326 BC 

 (B) 200 BC 

 (C) 350 BC 

 (D) 550 BC 

 Hide answer

 Answer A. 

 Q.4 Who is the author... 

of the book "The God.. 
of Small Things"? 

 (A) William Shakespeare 

 (B) William Wordsworth 

 (C) Arundhati Roy 

 (D) Jawaharlal Nehru 



 C.5 Which is the national... 

sport of Japan? 

 (A) Swimming 

 (B) Hockey 

 (C) Ice Hockey 

 (D) Sumo 


 Answer D 

 Q.6 What is the capital of Zimbabwe? 

 (A) Juba 

 (B) Sofia 

 (C) Addis Ababa 

 (D) Harare 


 Answer D. 

 Q.7 Infosys started state-of-the-art cyber defense center in which country? 

 (A) Bulgaria 

 (B) Denmark 

 (C) Romania

 (D) Finland 

 Answer Hide 

 Answer C 

Q.1 Recently, which sect has been announced by the Central Government in 12-which polygon shape? 

 (A) 20 

 (B) 10 

 (C) 5 

 (D) 1 


Answer A. 

 Q.2 Recently, Kummanam Rajasekharan stepped down from his post. He was the governor of; 

 (A) Mizoram 

 (B) Assam 

 (C) Manipur 

 (D) Nagaland 

 Answer Hide 

 Answer A. 

 Q.3 Which bank acquired 9.9% stake in Kisan Finance for a cash consideration of Rs 17.82 crore? 

 (A) Kotak Mahindra Bank 

 (B) ICICI Bank 

 (C) Axis Bank 

 (D) HDFC Bank 

 Answer Hide 

 Answer B

 Q.4 Name the Union.. 

Minister who recently.. 
launched e-Earth app. 

 (A) Dharmendra Pradhan 

 (B) Narendra Singh Tomar 

 (C) Prakash Javadekar 

 (D) Hardeep Singh Puri 

 Answer Hide 

 Answer D 

 Q.5 Venkat Ramesh Babu.. 

was appointed Director General. . 
Of which of the following.. 
organization / department? 

 (A) Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare 

 (B) Department of Border Management 

 (C) National Archives of India 

 (D) Department of Land Resources  Answer C 


Answer a

 Q.6 India and this country to promote mutual investment Agreed to identify areas of interest. 

 (A) Mexico 

 (B) Argentina 

 (C) Colombia 

 (D) Paraguay


Answer D 

 Q.7 This country tops the list of world's cheapest mobile data pack 

 (A) Ukraine 

 (B) Finland 

 (C) Kyrgyzstan 

 (D) India 


 Answer D

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