4 Amazing health benefits of Red chilli

4 Amazing health benefits of Red chilli

The Spicy "Red chillies" are a miracle to the body, some keep it away, while some can't go without the red chili peppers in their diet.
What makes chili peppers so special is capsaicin, the key enzyme in red pepper that gives not only the characteristic taste but also the ability for even a small particle to "burn".
This is why chili peppers have been used in traditional and 'cleansing' medicine. But what exactly are the benefits of chili pepper?

1. Speeds up metabolism:

Because capsaicin slightly raises body temperature, which means you burn more calories, chilli peppers can boost metabolism.

2. It helps against pain:

Some research has proven that capsaicin helps against pain because it an so-called 'substances P" an important chemical for the transmission of pain.
If you use a capsaicin cream at first you will have some pain and irritation, but later you will feel better.

3. Contains many antioxidants:

Antioxidants, those substances that prevent or cut radical damage caused by cells, are abundant in chili peppers.
They prevent oxidation or damage caused by free radicals, especially in relation to cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. Improve blood circulation:

Capsaicin has been shown to cut cholesterol and triglycerides and help prevent cells from sticking to each other and forming clots. All of these factors promote healthy blood circulation.

Do chili peppers have negative side effects?

Spicy products, including chili peppers, are not for everyone. If you have stomach burns and heartburn after eating red pepper, you should be careful with the amount.
Spicy foods like chili peppers also irritate your intestines, causing diarrhea

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