AdSense approval Tips and tricks

AdSense approval Tips and tricks.

AdSense approval Tips and tricks for biggeners - get AdSense approval fast
Get AdSense approval tips

Hello my dear friends, how are you all, I hope you guys will be very good friends, you will know that it is very difficult to take the approval of Adsense nowadays, Friends, on the smallest mistake, Adsense rejects us if we go to approve. If you do, then how are you making such a mistake, how to avoid them, in this post, we are going to tell you this, then friends see their thumbnails and titles. You must have clicked on this post, thank you for that, if you like this post, then share this post with your friends, friends, you must know how much you can do by creating a website on Blogger or by creating a WordPress website by taking approval of Adsense. You can earn money, if you do not know about it, then you can get information about the blogger by reading the post given below, so now we tell you Areas that you do not have what mistake in your blog website to bring trouble to the approval.

  • Blogger AdSense approval Tips and tricks for biggeners - get AdSense approval fast. 

Benefits of taking approval on the website.

Friends, if you have created a website, then you must have made some kind of a friend, if you create a website or work on it, then you will know how much you are going to benefit by making it, then if you have a website You make and you do not approve of AdSense on it, then what will be the benefit to you? If you are not getting any benefit, then for that you must first take approval of AdSense. This is why you keep earning and you also feel like writing posts on your website, so if you are not able to take approval of Adsense on your website and for some reason your Adsense is being rejected, then this post If you can read till the last, let's start.

Never take these mistakes while taking approval of Adsense.

Friends, if you create any website and write a post on it, then you do not have to make these mistakes on your website, what are those mistakes, we are going to talk about it further, then you must first make your website The name of the website is to be such that if the second name is not there, then what happens to it? Your website does not go to the first number and does not rank on Google. If you create your website, then if you have put any free domain name on it, then you continue to have problems in strengthening Adsense, if you use any third quality domain on your website, then you will get adsense promoter. The problem keeps on coming, like if you, .tk, .cf, .ml etc. on your website. Just like if you put free domain on your website, you do not get approval of Adsense. If you also build your website and you have not put an Adsense friendly theme on your website, then now you have difficulty in getting approval of Adsense because Adsense sees where we will place our ad, for which you need Adsense Friendly Theme If need be, first of all you do not have to put any such theme on your website in which there is no place to add ads. Friends, even if you put a domain on your website and make the website well and also put an Adsense friendly theme on your website and edit it well by putting your website in the top level 2. If you encounter this problem, then you have to correct your post first because even if there is a copyrighted post on your website, then you do not get approval. Settled when you write up your own post by approval will receive. Even if you bring traffic to your website from third quality website somewhere on your website, you do not get approval and till your adsense approval is not received, do not put your website anywhere like paying money to someone. You do not have to do such work to bring traffic to your website, otherwise you will have a lot of problem in getting approval.

Do this job to take Adsense approval.

Friends, if you are creating your website on Blogger, then you have to choose a name that does not cause problems in searching and if anyone goes to your website, then it also has no problem. First of all you have to create your website and on it You have to apply a good domain name, which is taken from the money, you have to spend a little money to build a website, you do not have to spend anything, the first expense is you You have to do it only after taking the domain name, now you can also take the domain name. Com ,. In,. Xyz, .co, .online, etc. Any kind of your domain, but it is taken from money. After creating your website, after applying the domain in it, you have to take a theme that is AdSense friendly, where there is a place to put Adsense B.Ed and which should be easy to add Adsense, then you will have to take some approval If the problem is not coming, then to take the approval of Adsense, you will need Adsense Friendly Theme. If you do not know Adsense Friendly Theme then you will see the video below Mr. went to go and you can AdSense friendly theme download. If you create your website and put a top level domain name on it and also put an AdSense friendly theme on it, then what to do after that, after that you have to write 15 such posts on your website which are free from copyright. If it is your hundred percent unique article, then after writing the post, you have to put your post in Google so that even if someone searches your website, your post will still be buzzed. Should be in when you go if you do not have any problem in getting approval of AdSense.

  • Blogger AdSense approval Tips and tricks for biggeners - get AdSense approval fast

Friends, in this post today, we told you that how to take approval of Adsense is also very easy and you should not make such mistakes so that you get the problem of getting approval for Adsense, then if you liked this post. If you do, then share this post among your friends so that our website will get some help and your friends will also get help and you will get a message in this post. Treachery of comment must be there to give you guys meet only thanks to until the next post.

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