Benefits to supporting our local businesses

Benefits to supporting our local businesses

When we go to a shop, we can notice many option of products with around same price, with same quantity for the single use. Among them some are made in our own country as well as some are made in outer country but their are some benefits in using indigenous products or goods are as follows.

1) Lower in price.

Indigenous products have low price compared to foreign products because of having made in own country, and own region so their are no applications of shipping charge of import or export. 

2) Promotes regional businesses.

Using indigenous products contributes in promoting local business and small industries. Small industries and local businesses getting bigger means businesses of countries to be encouraged. And, larger the business larger the countries economy.

3) Contributes in regional economy. 

Buying indigenous products contributes in regional economy as buying indigenous products promote local business. It helps local businesses grow more which makes impact on regional and local economy as it creates employment. So, if a local business creates employment then it will really be a reason in contribution of economy.

4) Targeting customers.

If a business have reach of only a district or state then their will be hint of that region. Only local customers will be targeted. For example, if a business in Rajasthan have reach only to then only local customers will be targeted and products made by that small business will be made completely according Rajasthani manner. And, that local business will work harder than other national or multinational brand.

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