Eye Care Tips for Sunny Days that you should follow

Eye Care Tips for Sunny Days that you should follow

Use Sunglasses

The most basic tip that anyone can provide is the usage of sunglasses. As simple as it may sound, wearing sunglasses will offer the necessary UV protection to your eyes and the area around it. Just make sure that the shades you buy have sufficient UV protection.

Opt for larger shades

Another tip while buying sunglasses is to choose the ones that provide proper coverage to the eyes. Look for a pair with wrap-around frames. Not only do these look chic, but will also have a wide lens for covering a larger area around your eyes.

Flaunt a sun hat or visor

While sunglasses offer the first line of defence, it is always recommended to have an extra layer of protection. This is where a sun hat or a visor comes into the picture. These are a must-have to shade the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. These days, you will find a wide variety of trendy hats and visors specifically designed for summers. So, go out and pick one today!

Keep a second pair handy

If not taken care of properly, sunglasses are vulnerable to damage or can be lost. Hence, it would be a good idea to keep an extra pair handy rather than putting your eyes at risk.

Stay hydrated

As you may already know, water is extremely important to keep your skin healthy. What you may not know is that it is equally important for maintaining the health of your eyes. Drinking an adequate amount of water during summer will keep your eyes fresh and hydrated.

Dodge the midday sun

It is during the middle of the day that the Sun is at its peak. This results in increase in the strength of the UV rays. Hence, it is better to stay indoors during late mornings and afternoons. However, if you still need to go out during this time, make sure you wear sunglasses with polarized lenses. These will help in reducing the glare, while protecting the eyes. Such sunglasses are ideal to wear while driving or cycling as well.

Do not skip the sunscreen

One of the most common practices to provide necessary protection to the skin during summer is wearing sunscreen. Irrespective of the fact that this suggestion is commonplace, sunscreen can take you a long way. You will also find eye creams with SPF. Opting for one of such creams would be ideal.

Summer is not that bad to your eyes if you follow these simple tips. The basic idea behind enjoying the warmth of this season is being prepared for the cons that it brings along, and taking advantage of the pros.

Protect your eyes and save life

Can you imagine without your eyes? The answer will be 'No'. Don’t take your eyes for granted. Follow the easy steps to keep your eyes healthy.

1.Eat leafy vegetables like spinach .

Vitamin A containing food eg. liver is very effective for good vision.

2.Wear a good quality sunglass. A pair of good shades will protect your eyes from dust and Sun's ultraviolet rays.

3.If you are prescribed with the eye wear then wear it regularly.

4.Wash your eyes after wake up from sleep.

5.If you do computer works then rest your eyes every 20 minutes. Look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Get up at least every 2 hours and take a 15-minute break.

Avoid un necessary use of mobile phones . Nowadays kids are addicted with the mobile phones.

6.Prolonged use of mobile can cause myopia that means shortness of eyesight.

7.Consult with an opthalmologist for regular check up.

8.Eye disease like glucoma has no symptom. 9.Glucoma is not a curable disease but early detection can treat the disease easily.

10.Dont touch your eyes with dirty hand.

So love your eyes.

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