How to create gmail account.

How to create gmail account.

How to [ create gmail account ] | Gmail Sign up | Gmai Account Kaise Banaye, gmail Account create, email account create
Create Gmail Account

So hello my dear dear friends, how are you guys, I hope you guys will be very good friends, what you are going to tell us in this article today, you must have seen it written above, so in this article today we will We are going to tell you how to make you your Gmail account, we are going to talk to you today, then we will tell you step by step and you will receive this Po T will read the last when you go you will know. Friends, you will know that nowadays email email account, which we also call Gmail, has become so important that nowadays you have to put your email id in every job like you fill the form for any job or create a website anywhere. If you create a YouTube channel anywhere or do any work related to earning, then your Gmail definitely seems that you can complete your work through Gmail. Areas to be why Gmail is very important.

Benefits of create Gmail account.

Friends, today I will tell you in this post how do you want to create a Gmail account, but before that, let me tell you what are the benefits of creating a Gmail account and in which activities you have to use the Gmail account and in which activities -But if not in work, friends, you will know what work you can do through Gmail, what you do not know, then we are going to tell you about Gmail. You can also earn money and you can message anyone, whenever you have to fill a form for a job, then ask for your Gmail account in it, whenever any person wants to make their channel on YouTube and earn money. Even if you have to use Gmail, whenever a person goes to any website on Google and signs in there, then there is also a Gmail account and whenever there is an issue Do not want to send your resume form to anyone, even that work is done by Gmail, when you want to send any of your data to anyone, then for that you need a Gmail so that you can use Gmail anywhere in the whole world If you can send your personal data or anything, then let's start and will tell you how to create a Gmail account.

Create Gmail account.

Friends, to create a Gmail account, you have to follow some steps, the steps that you will follow, you are going to know at this time how to create a Gmail account, then I am going to tell you step by step one by one that you will get Gmail How to create an account, first of all to create a Gmail account, you must have a mobile which should be Android. Whose need is read in every work. To create a Gmail account, first of all you have to open any browser in your phone and there you have to go and search there, then as soon as you go to this website, you will know all the work nowadays. And Google is a company that is going to use the biggest and first number in the whole world, 

so after going to Google, you have to search in it to create a Gmail account. Having incurred before you will be a link to what you have to do. You have to click first. After clicking on , you will come across some other interface in which you have to go and see what has come in front of you. In which you will be asked to set up your Gmail account, as you can see in the photo below, you have to enter your email ID over there but if you do not have an email ID, then where can you enter it? So first of all you have to click on what is written below in CREATE Gmail, after clicking friends there, some other interface will open in front of you, which you can see in the photo.

Create gmail account

So, as soon as you click on Create Gmail, there you will ask whether you want to create a business account or a normal account, then you have to look at it according to yourself, I will say that you should create a business account because that account in the future If you can use it, then after clicking on it, you will choose from them what kind of account you want to create, then after that you first give the form below. Will have it. Friends, what you have to do in this, you have to put in your first name, your last name, your user name, which you want to keep in the email, after that you have to create your password which no one can steal and if you are able to keep it safe then the password Here you have to enter 2 times, after entering the password, you have to click on the proceeding option. After that you will see another interface which you can see in the photo below, after this what you have to do.

After that you have to enter your mobile number in it, after that you have to enter your mobile number, you have to enter your date of birth, after entering the date of birth, you have to do all the work here and move on. After proceeding you will get an OTP which You must have put a mobile number here, OTP will come on it, after putting that OTP here, you have to verify your account, your Gmail account is ready to be created Programming will.

Friends, if you have some problem in doing this, then you can click on the link below and go directly to the form where you are asked to create a Gmail account, then you will be given that link below and you can go directly to this link Name Last Name Mobile Number Password Enter everything and create your Gmail account. 

Direct link 🔗

Create gmail account

So friends, in today's post you learned how to create your Gmail account, friends, we have written this post very hard and we have taken a lot of time to write in this post, friends, you know when a human being works So he definitely puts hard work in it, but this work will get little fruit only when you post this post. You will share it with your friends and with the help of this post, we will create a Gmail account, then share this post as much as possible and subscribe to this website by pressing the subscribe button so that the notification of each of our posts so far Keep reaching thanks. 

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