how to earn money from what's app 2020

how to earn money from what's app 2020

After all, how to earn money from WhatsApp? This may not be known to many, but it is absolutely true. I think there will probably be someone who has a Smartphone and who does not have information about WhatsApp. Nowadays, everyone uses WhatsApp. How will you feel when I tell you that you can earn money from WhatsApp too. If you do not know about WhatsApp, then I want to say that this is such a messaging app that you can chat with other people and also share audio, video, photos as well.

You might be thinking that WhatsApp will give you money to do some work. So, let me make it clear that WhatsApp never pays for any work. Yes, you can definitely earn money using WhatsApp, there is no doubt in that. Just like nowadays everyone has a Smartphone Mehendud that we use very rarely, so I thought why not tell you something so that you can earn some money for yourself by using WhatsApp correctly. So without delay, let's know how to earn money from mobile with the help of WhatsApp.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and easiest way to earn money from WhatsApp. In simple language, the meaning of Affiliate marketing is told, we have to sell someone else's goods online and in return we will get money as commission.

Now the question arises that we will find such people, who want to sell their goods, friends, there is a very easy way for this. There are many such affiliate marketing websites on the Internet, where we have to create your account first. Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal are some such popular affiliate marketing sites where we can create our own affiliate account. After this, we will get a link to any product that we can share on our friends or any group on whatsapp.
Whenever someone clicks on our shared link and purchases a product online, we will get a commission from it. In this way, we can earn money from mobile sitting at home. To increase our sales, we have to take care of new offers which can make people ready to buy those goods.


Link Shortening means shortening the link of any page to create a new link. There are many sites on the internet that allow us to do this and when we shorten such a page address (link) from these sites and share it anywhere, and when someone clicks on these links, you will get its money.

For example, you read some interesting information on a site and you feel that people will also want to read it. So you have to first copy the address ie the link of the page which is also called URL and go to those link Shortening website and convert it into a new short link and then share that changed short link on whatsapp.

As many people click on it, the money will be deposited in your account accordingly. This is another easy way to earn money from WhatsApp.

How to earn money on WhatsApp with PPD (PAY PER DOWNLOAD)

PPD Network is a good way to earn a lot of money quickly in a few days. In this, we have to share the download link of any app or software online and by clicking on our link, when someone downloads that app, we will get his money. Its name PPD means Pay Per Download also means that the more we download, the more we will get its money.

Other ways to make money from wastapp 

Apart from some of the major methods mentioned above, you can earn money using many methods from WhatsApp, nowadays we all know that many people are moving towards online earning and they move towards their work but they The pass is not so good at that time, then you are looking for a man who can give him a good traffic. So you too can make money in some such ways, like-

1. Promote YouTube Channels or Website

If you have a lot of good and good Wastapp groups, and there are more and more members among them. So you can promote youtube channels and website at all,
whatsapp se paise kaise kamaye in hindi

 You have to contact other Bloggers or YouTubers, and tell them that you can get a good traffic for them, but for this they will have to pay some money. And in such cases, which are new blogger or you tubers, and they do not have good traffic, then it is difficult that they will let go of your offer with their own hands, for this work you have to contact those same people more. , Which is new, and whose content is good, because when the content is good, only then someone will watch it.

2. By Wastapp SE Promotion

If you have a wastapp group, there are a lot of members in it, then you can earn money by promoting others too, according to your group category, people will request you to get promoted, then you can charge money from them, because people on WhatsApp are very Expresses more time So nowadays everyone uses digital marketing to spread their service and product to the people and sell it. You can do digital marketing with WhatsApp.

UC Union is one such PPD website that pays us to download the app. UC Union has become very famous in recent times, in which it is quite easy to create your account. There we will get links to many popular apps, which we can earn a lot of money in no time by sharing in whatsapp friends and group.

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