This are some benefits of having payments bank saving account

This are some benefits of having payments bank saving account

1) No account opening charges.

This is one of the best benefit of payment bank account. Payment banks don't charge any amount to open an account or any hidden charges. Activation of payment bank account is absolutely free of cost. This service is better for those having lower income.

2) Zero balance account.

Payment bank account provides zero balance saving accounts which mean account holder don't need to maintain any particular amount in account.

3) Higher Interest.

This is another a great benefit of payment bank saving account it gives interest of around 7.25%. 

4) Convenient services.

Payment banks have a large network of access points. Payment banks don't have any branch but some retail store are authorised as access points of payment banks. 

5) Safe and Secure.

Payment banks provides complete security and safety on account. Accounts of payments bank's account is secured by password and m-pin. If account holder loses his/her phone then still account is kept secured.

6) Easy account number.

Payments banks provides the same account number to registered mobile number. So, it is easy and convenient service about creating a account number.

7) Rewards.

Payments banks occasionally or regularly gives rewards to their account holders in form of cashbacks and coupons.

8) Offers.

Payments bank gives various cahsback and discount offer to account holders which are additional benefits given by payments bank.

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