Top 10 Amazing life hacks to make your life easier

Top 10 Amazing life hacks to make your life easier

In pursuit of saving time, people are increasingly resorting to simple tricks. We have prepared for you 10 interesting life hacks that will help you save time and greatly simplify your life.

1. Waterproof shoes:

To make your fabric shoes waterproof, you only need beeswax and a hairdryer. Spread the wax evenly throughout the boot, and then dry with a hairdryer until the wax melts. Voila! Your miracle shoes are ready!

2. Dry things faster:

If you don’t have a dryer, and you need to dry your clothes quickly, do the following: put wet clothes on a dry towel, and then just roll the towel with the clothes inside into a roll. Scroll as if squeezing a towel to get rid of unnecessary moisture. To dry the thing completely, after this procedure, hang it on a hanger and wait a bit.

3. Bad smell in shoes:

To get rid of the bad smell in your shoes, put a couple of dry tea bags inside. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

4. What to do if shoes are tight?

If the new pair of shoes is too tight, here’s a way to stretch it a little: fill each shoe with wet newspaper to the top, tamp it and wait for the shoes to dry, then just pull out the newspaper. Voila!

5. How to quickly light a fire?

Chips are not only delicious snacks. Fat, and other substances present in potato chips, make them an excellent material for ignition.

6. How to find small lost things?

It's pretty simple: use your vacuum cleaner to find lost items, such as earrings. Cover the end of the vacuum cleaner hose with gauze and start your search. Check the cheesecloth for items from time to time.

7. Water tracker:

Is it hard to get yourself to drink the right amount of water per day? No problem! Draw lines on your bottle and write the time. This will serve as a visual reminder of the time at which how much fluid to drink.

8. Candle:

Do you want your house to smell good? Then we suggest you make a candle from a lemon or an orange. It is enough to just cut the fruit in half, remove the middle and set fire to the tail inside. The pleasant smell of citrus will fill the room.

9. Buttons come off?

We know what to do! In order for the buttons to hold tightly in place, it is not necessary to alter them, just pour a drop of colorless nail polish on them.

10. Fresh breath:

If you rush out of the house in a hurry and forget to brush your teeth, an ordinary apple will help to cope with the unpleasant odor. Eat an apple and don’t worry about anything.

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