What to do now after creating a blog… complete information

What to do now after creating a blog… complete information..

 learn what to do after creating a blog
If you have recently created your new blog, then the question now definitely comes in your mind that what should you do after creating a blog so that you too can make money by creating a blog and become a successful blogger.

Today there are many ways to earn money from the internet, out of which the way to earn money by making a blog is considered very good, but if you are thinking that only after creating a blog you can start earning money, then you are thinking wrong is.

Because only you can not earn money by creating a blog, therefore you have to first prepare your blog completely so that you can advertise your blog after Google Adsense Approve.

Often the new blogger does not know what to do after creating a new blog so that you can earn money from the blog and become a successful blogger, today we are going to give you complete information about what you do after creating a blog.

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What to do after creating a blog

By the way, you get to see a lot of articles about Blogging on the Internet, but you do not get the complete Blogging Course on any blog and if you do not know which topic comes after any Blog Topic, since we would be new Blogger. is.

Therefore, in this article today, we will try to give you complete information about what should be done after creating a blog, so let's move forward.

1. Change Blog Template

When you create a new blog, you get the default Blog Template which you have to select, but you can change your Blog Template and design your blog like a Professional Blog.

On Google you get a lot of free Theme / Template using which you can design a blog well or you can use Blog Paid Theme.
Before using any Blog Theme / Template, keep in mind the following points.

-Mobile Friendly Theme should be
-SEO Friendly Theme should be
-Simple and User Friendly Theme
-Theme Speed ​​must be fast
-Easy navigation should be

2. Create Blog Logo

Every blog / website has different logo which is the identity of its blog, so after creating a blog, design a unique logo for your blog that represent your blog.

3. Create Blog Feicon

Like the Blog Logo, there is a Feicon on your blog which is very important to put on because it makes your blog professional.

4. Customize Blog Menu

When you change your Blog Theme / Template after that you have to customize the Blog Menu and add your Blog category and link on the menu.

5. Customize blog Header / Footer

After changing the Blog Theme, additional links come in the Header / Footer, which you have to customize according to yourself or delete the extra link.

6. Add / Remove Widget

When you create a new blog, there is a lot of Widget in it, which reduces your Blog Speed, so you have to remove these Extra Widget and just add or keep those Widget which is necessary for your blog. is.

7. Blog Basic settings

After creating a blog, you have to do basic setting of the blog like Blog Description, Meta Tag, Search Preferences, Comment Setting etc.

8. Create Blog Important Page

On every blog, you get to see important pages which are necessary for Google Adsense Approval on every blog.

-About us

Blog and write about yourself in this page

-Privacy Policy

Make this page by looking at the privacy policy of your blog.

-Blog Disclaimer

Create a blog disclaimer or use the Disclaimer Generator tool.

-Contact us

For those who want to contact you, create a Contact us page on your blog.

9. Custom Domain
If you use Blogger.com to create a free blog, then you get a sub-domain with it, so after creating a blog, use the custom domain which is the better SEO of your blog. What is the domain and how to buy a good domain Read about it.

10. Use CloudFlare
Use CloudFlare on your blog, it increases the security of your blog and also increases blog speed by using it, and if you use a custom domain by creating a free blog on Blogger, then you can enable CloudFlare to enable HTTPS. It provides both free and Paid service.

11. Add Social Media Button
Having Social Media Share button on your blog is very essential if someone likes the article of your blog, then he can share it on Social Media, which you benefit.

13. Blog Submit Search Engine

In order to rank your blog article in search engine and tell the search engine about your blog, you have to submit your blog to sitemap in search engine, after which slowly your articles start appearing in search and blog. But only after writing 10-15 articles, submit the blog to the search engine.
Here we can tell you that in today's time, most of Google Search Engine is used and then Yahoo, Ask.com, Yandex etc. are used, so you have to submit your blog in all of them.

14. Write Post

Now you have to write the article on your blog. In the days of Sharu, there is difficulty in writing articles, but you never have to copy-paste on your blog and if you do, then you can remove the idea of ​​earning money from Blogging.

15. Blog SEO

To get traffic from search engines on blogs, you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog and most of the traffic on a blog comes from search engines.

Therefore you should have knowledge of SEO so that you can do SEO well on your blog, which makes your blog grow very fast.

16. Google Adsense Approval

People who do blogging, most of the people want to earn money from their blog, so first of all you have to get approval of the blog from Google Adsense, after which you can place ads on your blog and start earning money from your blog.

So friends, you must now understand what should be done after creating a new blog, after which you can prepare your blog completely for blogging and then you just have to concentrate on writing articles on your blog.

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