20 easy ways to earn money in India

20 easy ways to earn money in India

I am going to tell you how to earn money from the internet sitting at home online, you can earn some money by working in free time, there is something important for Online Earning which you must have.

Internet Connection
Mobile / Laptop

Blogging is one of my personal favorite ways. If the blog is understood as the most simple language, then write your thoughts on a website. But the website costs money, so why did I put it on the top side of this list? In today's time, it is a bit difficult to make money by blocking, but if you do blogging and spend some time in the coming time, you can earn a lot of money from blogging. Google Adsense update marketing ad network through blogging, there are other ways. To make money,


The reverse process of blogging is to do YouTubing. You used to write in blogging and in youtubing you have to speak. Creating a channel on YouTube is very easy and also absolutely free. Working on YouTube will go to a much larger category, Lifestyle. technology.


Freelancing is also a fairly good Zariah to earn paise. You can socialize freelancing in such a way that if you know how to make a logo and if someone wants to make their logo, then they will contanct you and they will make it with their logo. This is called Freelancing.
You can earn very good income by working part-time on Fiverr.


Nowadays this method has become very popular in the internet. In this, VAS you have to shorten the url and whenever the user clicks on the link which is lightly shaken, then you will receive money. For this you neither need a website / blog nor do you have any investment.

5) Earn money from GOOGLE ADSENSE

AdSense is an ad network of Google itself. When you get its approval, then you can put its ad in your blog. But for this you must have a blog, because without it you can not do errand with adsense.

6) Earn money from AFFILIATE MARKETING

You can also earn by joining affiliate program of any website. When anyone will buy that product from your link, you will get a fixed Commision of it. For this, you need a lot of traffic on the blog because without traffic you cannot earn from this method.

7) By selling DOMAIN NAME

You can access any Domain Name from Godaddy

Buy any domain name and put that domain name at godaddy's auction. Whenever anyone wants that domain name, they will buy you a domain name by getting your Biding MOU. And friends sell one domain lakh each.

8) Earn money from INFOLINKS

Infolinks is an alternative to AdSense. And it is not a very difficult task to get its employment, just the content of your site should be written in English. With this help, you can earn less than $ 2.5, if not less than work on 1000 pageviews.


If you find someone in a good way, then you can also consult that thing and you also get money for that.

In today's date, many people are earning a lot of money from Online Consulting.

10) Seeing ADS

You will find many such websites or apps nowadays on the play store that gives you money to watch ads. I myself have made a lot of money in this way. You can also earn.

11) from TIK-TOK

Tik-Tok ringing has become a great way to earn money nowadays. On this you have to post videos which are of funny type, nowadays many people are earning in this way.


There are many such apps and websites that offer you online surveys and also give you some money for par in that survey. Punishment is the biggest example of Google Opinion Reward, in which Aoko gets Google Play Credit for taking on the survey, from whose help Come can buy anything in Google Play Store.

13) ONLINE selling things

There are many sites online on which you can sell or buy a second-hand BB cheese. The biggest example is Olx or Quikr.


Nowadays, an app has been very popular in the play store Cheetah Keyboard, in which you can earn good money by typing as well. Do not call this app once, and we will definitely tell you in the comments.

15) from UC NEWS

By becoming the editor of the same news, you mean that you can earn money even by writing news. In fact, a lot of people are also earning by using this method. You are going to need a PAN card for this.


Man had also used this app for a long time, but he was also earning up to ₹ 250. In this, you also get an option to refer and earn and through this option you can earn from the app.


You will find many apps like Taskbucks on the play store. Just the tasks you get in these apps, you just have to complete that and earn money. Such as, installing apps, participating in surveys, etc., Top 10 Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash 2018-19


You can recharge any money you earn with your use on your mobile number. You cannot transfer your earned money to Pitam or any other payment app. Only you recharge your mobile with this.


Qureka is a live quiz game app and with its help you can also earn as well as increase your knowledge of Gak. It has some fix time and you also have to play that game at the same time.


Loco is also a live Quiz Game app like Karek and with the help of this you can also earn as well as increase your knowledge of Gak. It has some fix time and you also have to play that game at the same time. So these were the 20 best methods by which you can earn a lot of money.

So, friends, this is a post in which I have given you 20 such TIPS and I sincerely hope that you too can ask for it by earning a good income, if you have any question, by conferencing it in the box.

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