5 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2020

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2020

Do you want to start blogging? And, if you are looking for some Free Blogging Platforms, here we have some blogging platforms which are the absolute best.

Basically you need a platform for blogging and when we are beginners, we do not want to spend money and look for Free Blogging Platforms.
Although there are many free blogging platforms and premium too but which one is best for you? that is the question.

As you know blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress are quite popular but they are not the only ones. There are many forums about which people are not aware. But, from all these platforms, we have chosen something for you, so that you can choose the right one.

Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2020

1. Blogger
Blogger is a product of Google itself and is a free blogging platform. If you want to start blogging then there is a free platform for you to start a blog where you can control almost everything.

On Blogger you also get a free sub-domain from Blogspot.com and you can publish an article using Blogger.com.
That's all you need? And, as I told you, it is controlled and managed by Google. So what kind of trouble you will not need.

To start blogging, 2 things are most needed.
1. Domain
2. Hosting

And you get both the things for free on the blogger, you can also set up your custom domain here.

The good thing is that you can learn blogging from here for free to start Blogging, and the bad thing is that there are not many good options for SEO on blogger.
So to start with, this is the best free blogging platform, this platform is completely free and professional.

2. WordPress.org
WordPress is an open-source CMS software that helps you create a blog for free.

You cannot create a website or blog for free using wordpress.org. Because WordPress is just a software and to use it you will need server space and hosting.
First you need to buy a domain and a hosting plan, then install WordPress on your server for free.

Now your website is ready and you can use Free open souce wordpress.
Almost every website in India is now using WordPress and if you choose to use it then you also get lots of themes and plugins here.

Bloggers in India mostly use this free blogging platform.

My blog Techybase is built on this platform.

3. WordPress.com
This paid version of WordPress and a regular site builder, which also has a free blogging platform version.
This is also the same free software, but here you buy a plan. You can buy a plan and get everything without doing anything.

But, if you want it for free, you only get a sub-domain from wordpress.com. And it will work like a blogger and you will be able to use popular WordPress software.
Almost everything here manages wordpress and you can start your blog with just a few clicks.

If you go with their premium plans then you can use extra security, themes and plugin.
Basically, they are charging you for hosting plans and nothing else.
But if you use the free plan of wordpress.com, then you do not get the plugin here, for that you have to select the premium plan.

4. Wix
Wix is ​​very much in discussion these days and they are also advertising it a lot. That is why people think of Wix when creating a website.
If you also want to create a website, then after a few clicks you can create your website on Wix in a few minutes.
But to do all this, you have to pay some fee. And, if you want to use the free blogging platform of wix, then you will get a sub-domain of wix.com.

On Wix's free blogging platform you get only limited features.
If you are looking for a free blogging platform, you can create your own blog on wix and start your own blog.

5. Weebly
Weebly is also a popular website making platform and Weebly also offers all the features like a blogging platform.

Weebly firstly gives you hosting on a monthly fee basis under certain marketing terms and conditions.
Just like Blogspot and WordPress.com you can create a free blog on Weebly, in the free blog you will get a sub domain of Weebly.com.

Weebly also has some good theme options that you can choose from and your blog will be ready in just a few clicks.
Weebly's mobile Aap can also be downloaded and you can start your own blog with the mobile App. It is a great option in free blogging platforms

.which Free Blogging Platforms is Good for you?

I think you can start your blog either on Blogspot.com or wordpress, because the rest of the platforms are just commercial and are giving you platforms to make money.

All these platforms provide you the theme and hosting and charge you money for that. But Blogger.com and WordPress are different from these.
If you follow my opinion then you and only Blogger. Create your own blog on com as it is the best free blogging platforms.

If later your blog starts running well then you can shift to self hosted wordpress.
With Blogger you can also setup a custom domain and start making money.
If you want to create a blog on WordPress then definitely read our free blogging guide. You can get hosting plan from A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Site ground, Mewnix etc. website to start your blog.

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