6 way to blog best topics

6 way to blog best topics

Which topic to blogging on

Which topic to start blogging on - Hello friends, do you want to know which is the best topic for the blog, then you are in the right post because today I will tell you that you can make a blog on the topic for blogging.
Friends, many people ask me that we have to make a blog but they do not know on which niche they will benefit from blogging and they can become a successful blogger.
So friends, in this post of today, I will remove all confession and tell you which is the best topic for your blog and there are some questions that people ask me

 What is the best topic for a blog
Which is the best topic for blogging in India
Best Topic Blog to Make Money

So friends, these are some of the questions that many people have in their mind before starting a blog and they are very much worried about this topic and if there is a doubt in your mind then you have nothing to fear at all. Because I am not in Hindi to help you in that way

So friends today, I will tell you some such topic aur niche which is best for blogging and blog making and in this you can also make good income from blogging.
So, friends, don't waste too much time, let's see directly what blogging is the best topic, so what are you starting
To get success in blogging, you must have an interest in blogging from the heart and only then you will be able to create a successful blog and if you are really interested in blogging and you are not blogging for money then I guarantee you You will gain access to blogging

Let's be clear now guys, to get success in blogging, what is the first thing you have to take and if you do not have to do blogging for money then let's go ahead

Friends, I have nothing to say here that you cannot work with blogging, you can definitely make money from a blog, but when your blog gets very good traffic then traffic is all there for blogging.
Now the other thing is on which topic to start or start a blog, so let's discuss it a little, so friends here, I will tell you that there is no such hard and fast rule that this topic or niche for your blog Would be the best

If I say, there is no fixed topic and you can start blogging on any topic and start your blog.

All you have to ask from your heart is that on which subject I can write for years, they are also bored and as if I do not get a single penny from it, then I can blogging till death, friends, if you get the answer to this question If you go, then understand that this is the topic that will be best for your blog.
And you should be blogging on this topic. Friends, to get success in blogging, you must first have a passion in blogging and secondly, you should have heartfelt interest in the topic on which you are blogging, no matter what the topic is.
blog on which topic
To make blog successful, you should have a lot of passion on your topic, that means you should have interest and love on that topic from the heart. Like if I give you an example, like some people, there is a lot of interest in bodybuilding.

So if they ask me what will be the best topic for their blog, then I will say that body building will be the best topic for them because they have a heartfelt interest in body building and you definitely get success in the work that you do from the heart.
I have seen many new bloggers that after looking at another successful blogger's blog, they select the topic of their blog, that I will say that it is absolutely wrong if you do not have interest on that topic.
And besides this, I also want to say that you will not be able to get success in blogging and I am speaking to you with a guarantee and i am 100% sure about that

What will happen if you tell me that the mortgage topic has increased a lot to earn money from Google Adsense, will you start a blog on that topic, even if you do not have any interest on that topic, but only then you are making a blog on that topic Is because the CPC of google adsense is very high in this topic and you can work more money

But the point is that you will fail to blogging 100% in that topic niche and even if you do tax for a few months then you will not be able to do much longer because you are doing it for money not for blogging passion and If you do blogging with this greed, you will never be successful
So the point in me is that there is no such fixed blog topic ya niche which will be best for everyone but rather you have to select the blog topic according to your heart and passion and it is the best topic for your blog.

Friends, if you are blogging in technology, then I will tell you the truth that more money can be made from Google Adsense in technology blogs.
There are some topics in which you will get more cost per click of google adsense CPC ie in comparison to other topics, I would like to say again that you should not blogging for mo
ney and purpose if you have passion only.

Which topic to blogging on

1. Health and Fitness Niche
Friends health and fitness is the best topic for blogging and it is best not only for Hindi blog but also for English blog. You know how much people are concious about their health, so if you have created your blog on this topic then you will get a lot of traffic

And you will soon become a successful blogger and the interesting thing is that if you blogging on the health and fitness niche in English, then you will face a lot of competition.
But it is not for Hindi blogs at all and you can very easily rank your new blog in google and other search engines.
Friends, this is such a great topic to tell and you will get so much traffic that you will be surprised.

2. Technology blogs
Friends technology blogs are also very good for blogging and if you have interest in technology then you can make tech blog and in this you can make a lot of money with Google Adsense.
There are many people in our India who have a lot of interest in technology, so if you give them information about technology, then surely your blog will be a hit very soon.

And the biggest thing is that if you are making a blog in India, then the plus point for you is that there are very few technology blogs in India, then you can take advantage of this

3. Make money online Niche
 This is a tremendous topic to blogging and if you have created an India blog, then on this topic, let me tell you that you will get a lot of traffic because there is an angle that does not want money.

Everyone has a passion for earning extra money and especially from the internet sitting at home, so if you share make money online tips to your readers then you will get a lot of traffic and your blog earnings will also be very good.

So this is a very good topic for the blog

4. Government jobs
 Will you read this to tell me that people need more jobs because it is very important to work to walk home and if the job is not available then how will the house run

So this is also a best topic for Blog and I guarantee you that if you give complete information about jobs to people properly, then you will get traffic very quickly and your Google adsense will be very good income.

Especially if you blogging about government or government jobs, then what can I tell you, you will become a successful blogger very soon

Because we know that most of the people do jobs in private sector and they try very much for government jobs and if you give them complete information about government jobs through your blog, then your earning will be very good.

5. Relationship & Dating Niche
Friends, you will know that how much interest the boy and the girl of today are in the matter of love and relationship and in this you will get traffic very easily.

I have seen many bloggers who blogging on this topic and they are getting very good response, then you can create a relationship and dating blog and you will get traffic very easily.

6. Entertainment
If everyone craves for music, Bollywood, Hollywood, then this topic is also very H to start a blog and if you have interest in movies, music and entertainment, then you can create an entertainment blog.

If you liked this post, please share it with other people who want to start blogging so that they too can get information about blog topics and niches.

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