Alert! Your Paytm money may be stolen like this, See once

Alert! Your Paytm money may be stolen like this, See once

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The internet has now become an easy platform for thieves to commit online fraud in addition to information and things of work. People of these fraudsters are using e-wallet. They have a thousand ways but a common juggle is being tried a lot these days. For example, if you need something, you search about it on the net. If you find any number or website in the search, then you contact it and this is where the crimes of e-wallet are carried out.

This is how fraud happens

Here, the robber asks you for your needs and asks you to fill a form. Along with this, it asks to transact 5-10 rupees for trial or as token money. In this, he takes your important information, such as phone number, banking details.

- Here you complete the token transaction, on the other hand it clears your entire account. But this is only one way to break into the wallet. These pickets are finding new ways every day.

How is robbed from e wallet

In a conversation with CNBC Awaaz, the Cybercrime Investigation Consultant said that robbers have been keeping an eye on EWallet. These fraudsters exist on the Internet with fake identities. It was told that whenever you do some search, the number of these thieves comes in the net search, which you consider to be the real seller, service. They make a formal appearance of you.

Make you fill the form, ask for information. Then ask you to do a small transaction, where they get a transaction of 1 rupee, 5 rupees or 10 rupees. They take the data under the guise of this transaction, then they steal the data associated with your wallet. After receiving the data, they steal the money.

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