Best 5 health benefits of cardamom or Elaichi

Best 5 health benefits of cardamom or Elaichi

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1. Treats bad breath and prevents cavities:

Cardamom is very beneficial in treating bad breath. It is also used in many chewing gums. This is because cardamom helps in killing the bacteria present in mouth. Cardamom is also useful in preventing cavities. You should eat at least two cardamoms daily.

2. Helps in digestive problems:

Cardamom also has its benefits in treating ill digestive system. Eating cardamom will help you to protect against digestive issues. Cardamoms are very useful in reducing stomach ulcers. Cardamom is also useful in reducing the effect of acidity.

3. Protects from chronic diseases:

Cardamom helps you to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Due these properties, cardamom helps to protect the cells from damage. It also helps in slowing down the inflammation in your body.

4. Contains cancer fighting compounds:

Cardamom contains many cancer fighting compounds. These compounds fight against cancer and stop the growth of tumors. Cardamoms have proven to be beneficial for cancer patients.

5. Lowers blood pressure:

Cardamom has antioxidant and diuretic properties. Due to these properties, it helps in lowering the high blood pressure. Consuming cardamom daily is beneficial for patients having high blood pressure.

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