Best 5 Tips for good life style

Best 5 Tips for good life style

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5 Habits kids should be taught early

Unfortunately, kids at an early age don’t share the same enthusiasm towards hygiene. However, as parents, we can’t give up so easily.

Hygiene is not only about keeping up appearances – it's an effective way to safeguard yourselves from the spread of viruses and bacteria. A clean kid is a healthy kid, so it's essential to teach your kid the basics.
Read these below mentioned tips and start cultivating healthy habits for life, today.

The hands have it: The first and foremost thing that your child should learn from any hygiene lesson is the significance of washing hands. Many a time, you forget how active your hands are during the day – opening and shutting doors, flushing the toilet, touching your tablet or phone. Every activity that involves hands is another way of spreading germs.

Ask your children to wash their hands every time they visit the bathroom, before and after their meals and after playing outdoors. This considerably reduces the risk of bacteria getting spread.

The post-potty clean up: A lot of children face difficulty while trying to master this particular step, so it’s important for your child to not get embarrassed while learning it. Teach him/her about how to use water and tissue paper to clean themselves thoroughly. Never act grossed out or embarrassed when you are teaching your kids. If you look embarrassed, your child will be too and end up being forced to skip this step

Hair care and wear: Though you don’t need to wash the hair of your children daily (this often leads to both dryhair and dry-scalp), it is essential to keep brushing and getting regular haircuts. Kids have equal amount of aversion towards green vegetables and combing or brushing. A lot of kids can’t stand having their hair brushed and never really get used to it. However, brushing your hair is really useful as it keeps your hair from getting unruly and tangled. It also helps in removing dead skin cells from your scalp

Grin and bear it: Parents should assist their children with brushing their teeth initially and eventually let them do it by themselves around the age five or six. Teach your kids the right amount of time to brush with the help of a song or a short story. You also need to teach your elder kids how to floss and use mouthwash. Even when your children have baby teeth, educating them about the importance of brushing at an early age will help instill healthy habits for life

Splish, splash when you're taking a bath: Make bath time a fun activity by involving toys and colorful products. Make sure to encourage splashing! Splashing is an effective way to get rid of water and soap from those hard to reach areas like armpits and behind the ears.

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