Do conservatives want from liberals?

To understand the logical and moral reasoning of the other side.

Before I go into depth, I am not saying “all’ or even “most” of liberals demonize the other side with no backing.

I will say, however, this number is around 40%

as a Conservative, Being in a college exposes you to a cesspool of a variety of liberal opinion, from a perfectly reasonable liberal whom doesn’t let political views affect their day to day lives. To the rabid dog SJWs that the majority of citizens view as lunatics.

Though, I see this number of people that don’t see Conservatives as “wrong” but more “evil”.

It’s widespread, about 20–40% of Liberals (AKA the radicals) have at least one of these views.

A profound resentment for Baby Boomers and the WW2 generation.
A distaste of anything deemed conservative, going beyond political views, like religion (a leaving of Christianity), Having Success, (a desire to attain wealth, and not lose it) Hell, even restaurants, (Chick Fil-A)
An assumption that because the right doesn’t want to pay for “X” means we don’t want it at all.
Admittedly this is uncommon, but a hatred for white people and men.
I don’t even necessarily want anyone’s ideas to change, I really just don’t want to be demonized as a homophobic white supremacist anymore. Those people disgust me, and when people call you that it gives you the reputation of an animal rapist.

Common Liberal opinion is reasonable, but a few liberal’s opinions of us on the right is wrong and potentially dangerous.

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