Advertising Programs Every blog owner and webmaster makes a website or blog only to earn online Paise, and every blogger dreams to earn maximum online money from his blog. But you will earn good from the blog only when you place ads of a best advertising program on your blog.

By the way, you will find many monetizing company and ads company on the net but all of them do not pay you well. And something is a fake or fraud company. So, if you want to make a good income from your blog, then you should only advertise to a best ads company to place ads on your blog. With which your monthly income will increase and you can make maximum online income.

10 Great Ad Networks for Bloggers Because all these Ads company make good payout.


1: - Google Adsense

There is no doubt that Google AdSense is the most popular and most trusted advertising program in the world. Getting approval from AdSense is a bit hard but not impossible. The terms and condition of Google Adsense is very strict. If there is any slight mistake then your account gets disabled.

If you follow AdSense policy and webmaster quality guideline and apply to Adsense, then your account can be approved easily. Adsense is popular for its high CPC and CPM rates. Because you can earn well only from high CPC and CPM rates.

2: - Media. Net

Media.net is a contextual ad service program from Yahoo! Bing Network. As per content quality you can make good income from it. media.net works like Google Adsense but it is a bit difficult to get Media.net Approval, what happens in it that if the content is written in English, then it gets approval soon.

3: - Infolinks

Infolinks is the best ads network for in-text ads. Getting approval from infolinks is not very hard. Because with this almost all blogs get approval quickly. Infolinks offers 4 differents types of ads- ads in text ads, insearch, inframe and intag ads. Infolinks can also be used with AdSense without any violation.

4: - Chitika

Chitika is the largest Ads platform after Adsense. Chitika uses about 300,000 publishers to monetize its website and blog. Chitika also offers high CPC rate. But sometimes the cpc of Asian country becomes zero. You can also use Chitika with Adsense.

5: - RevenueHits

RevenueHits is an Israeli-based ad network that was launched in 2008. It is a CPA (Cost Per Action) based ad program. From this ads, advertisers use to collect information of internet users. The support of RevenueHits is very impressive, if you have any problem, then you can take its solution from the support team.

6: -advertising.com

Advertise.com is also a huge ad network. Which has 2 million impressions daily. On this Advertisement.com also offers different types of ads like- display ads, video, mobile ads and some custom implementation. If the visitors of your blog are from UK USA aur Canada then you can join this ad program.

7: - Buysellads.com

Buysellads.com is the best way to earn money from website and blog. Buysellads is an online marketplace for advertiser and publisher to sell and buy ads. Getting approval from Buysellads is a bit hard. Because to get approval from this, the monthly visitors of the blog / website should be 15k.

8: -Clicksor

Clicksor is a Canada base ad network. It offers 6 different types of ads like- text ads, layer ads, pop-up ads, full page popup ad many more.

9: - Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is also a best display advertising program to earn extra money. It is very easy to get approval from this in fact you can apply turant only on your blog / website. Bidvertiser offers a lot of dispaly ads.

Bidvertiser also offers referral program. Bidvertiser's referral program is better than its advertising program.

10: - Adcash

Adcash is an Estonia based ad network which was launched in 2007. Adcash performs CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC par.

In Conclusion: -

This is the best advertising network to monetize website and blog. If you have applied for Adsense before and your account Adsense has not accepted. So you can join these 10 ad programs to monetize your website and blog,

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