How to add payment methods in Google AdSense account

How to add payment methods in Google AdSense account

hello friends, if you have also created your own blog, then you must be using Adsense to earn from your blog. If you are a new Adsense user, then this post can be very important for you. Because to take payment through wire transfer from Adsense, you have to add bank details to your adsense account and in this post we are going to talk about how to add bank account in Adsense?

If you are using Adsense for the first time, then you will not know many things about it. But slowly you will know everything about it. If you have already advertised in the blog, then now your earning will have started. With this, when a visitor clicks on the ads in your site, it will earn you.

When you earn $ 10, you will have to verify the address. In which Google Adsense team will send a parcel to the address given by you. In which there will be a code of 6 digits, you will be able to verify the PIN. If you want to know a little more about it, then read this post.

If you are a new adsense user, then you must be thinking that it will be very easy to take payment from adsense. But this is not the case at all. You can make lots of papad to make payment from Adsense.

You all must know that to get the minimum payout of Adsense i.e. earning money from AdSense, you will have to fill your bank details. Some time ago these two methods use EFT or check in making payment with Adsense.

Now to make payment through Adsense, Adsense will send money directly to your bank account through wire transfer. Only when you earn $ 100 or more can you payout it. If you want to transfer money directly to your bank through wire transfer, for this you will have to fill your bank details. When Google Adsense team will be able to send money to your bank account.

If your account has earned $ 90 or more, then you have to submit your bank details. For which you will have to add details of Account holder's Name, Bank Name, Account No, IFSC Code, Swift Code. Almost of these things will be found in your bank passbook. But Swift code may not be there.

Swift Code is required to take payment from Adsense. It is not available in all branches. If swift code is not available in your branch too, then you can use swift code of branch nearest to your bank. If you want to get more information related to swift code, then you can read this post.

How to add Bank Account in Adsense?
Before following the steps given below, I remind you once more that you will be asked to swift code of the branch to fill the form below. This is required and the form will not be filled without it. So first you find out whether your branch has swift code or not. If it is ok If not, you can use the swift code of the branch nearest to your bank. You can know swift code online too

Second thing you have to keep in mind that the name that is in your Bank Account, it should also be in your Adsense Payee name. For example, if there is Arshad Noor in the Payee name of my Adsense, then my bank account should also be with the same name. If it does not remain the same, then payment will not be received.

Now you keep both the above things in mind, after that let's now tell you step by step.

Step 1: Login to Adsense first. After that you have to click on Payments in the menu.

Step 2: Now here is how to click on ADD PAYMENT METHOD under How you get paid.

Step 3: A form will come in which you will have to fill some bank details. Let's know from point by point.

Here, write the name that is in your bank passbook. (Remember: Your Adsense payee name and bank account holder name should both be the same. Otherwise payment will not be received)
Here you have to write Bank Name. Such as State Bank of India, IDBI Bank etc.
Here you have to write branch IFSC code. It will be written in your bank passbook. If not, contact your branch.
Here you have to enter Swift BIC code

In both these boxes you have to add Bank Account Number.
Now after that click on SAVE.

Now you have a bank account in your Adsense account, but you have to select it primary when you get a payment.

Step 4: Now once again you go to Adsense menu and click on Payments. After that, now you have to click on CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD under How you get paid here.

Step 5: Now after that the bank account you had here will be show here. There will be no show below it, by clicking on it you have to select Primary.

Now the Payment Method has been added to your Adsense. If you have earned $ 100 or more, then money will be sent to you after the 21st of the month. In this way you will be able to receive payment from Adsense easily.

Keep in mind that Adsense payment takes some time to arrive. If the first time your payment is coming then it may be too late. So you should wait a little bit.

Hope you like this post. Comment to ask any question related to it. If you liked the post, do share.

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