How to earn money from admob what is admob

What is admob today i will tell you about admob in this article

What is Google Admob?

The name of Google Admob shows that it is a service of Google itself. You must be using Google to search for something, if you want information about something, then you search by writing something in Google.
Google gives us the answers to all our questions, with this we can also reduce money through google. There are three ways to earn money through Google -
If you keep information about one of these three things, then you can make good incomes sitting at home through Google.
You must have seen many videos in Youtube, sometimes you have noticed that when the video starts then commercial (advertisement) is shown in that video. This advertisement is given from google.
You must have seen in many web sites that advertisements are shown in them too, and these ads are also shown from google.
And speaking of software, if you set up an app in your cellular, then the advertisement is also visible in it, and this advertisement is also shown from google.
Overall if you want to incomes through google, then you need a web site, youtube channel or a cellular software hona of your own.

All the commercial appearance in mobile software is due to Admob. Admob works by showing advertisements in cellular software. If you have made your own cellular software, then you can place an advert in your software through admob. And when someone sets up your software in their cellular, they will be shown an advertisement through the software.
If you see the advertisement in the application, then it will be click on and on click, you will also have incomes. Now the question comes, how to make your own software and how to register in admob? So let's first know how to register in admob?

History of admob

Google Admob was not initially a Google product. Omar Hamoui made it in 2006, later in 2009, google bought it for 750 million dollars. Although Google initially did not pay much attention to Admob. From 2013, Google started working on it fast. Since then it has become popular.
Let us tell you that Google Admob is one of the most popular ad networks in the world. Today there are as many app developers. They are earning a lot by using Admob.

what was admob made for

Admob is designed for those people who want to advertise on an application and want to earn money from an application. If I tell you in a simple way, Admob is made for people who do not have a blog website or YouTube channel, but they have an application for Android or iPhone, a simple example of this is apps uploaded to Google Play Store. So now you must have understood why Admob Kya Hai has been created.

Make money from admob

admob se paise kaise kamaye so you can earn money from admob but you have to make an application to earn money from admob, you know that admob only shows ads in the application
So if you are an app developer then it is a very good thing, even if you do not know how to make an app, then you can also make an app from an app developer, after making the app, you will have to publish your app in the play store and from that your You will start earning, but earning will happen only when admob ads are installed in your app, then you should take care that your ads are in your application

After publishing the application in the play store, you should not forget to promote, because only after promoting your application will be viral, as many as you like, youtube, facebook, twitter, you will download your application everywhere then users will download And there you will earn.

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