How to increase traffic on blog.. In a simple way

How to increase traffic on blog.. In a simple way

If you too are tired of posting articles on your website or blogger and there is no traffic on your blog or website, then today I am going to tell you about such a trick which leads to a very high and very short time on your blog. Traffic will start coming in your website within 20 days.

The first mistake new bloggers make is that they spend more time designing their blog or website in the initial stages and do not focus too much on articles and content. If you also want to bring traffic to your website or blog, then you will always have to keep doing some new experiments to get traffic to your blog and along with that experiment you will be able to bring some traffic to your blog. Continue to experiment even more, only then you will be able to succeed in blogging.

How to bring blog traffic

Hello friends, on this page we are going to give you some tips through some of our experiments that will bring traffic to your website or block. If you too follow this tips for 20 days, we hope that traffic on your website or blog will start coming very fast and will continue to come forward.

 The only mistake new bloggers make is that in the initial stages they waste time designing their blog or website and without any research they create posts and pages on their block, due to which the new blogger's initial hard work was wasted. And traffic does not come to the blog in the initial time
If soon after setting up the blog, with a little research, a CO friendly blog post is created and work is done to increase the traffic, then the traffic would start coming very quickly on the blog.

How to increase traffic on blog

 If you too are already working on your blog and have published some posts and pages with blogging design, then you need not worry because the time has been wasted so far, calling it a little research By working properly on the block, traffic to the blog can be increased

1. Professional blog design

You must have noticed that even after visiting a website with yellow background, red text and useless font size, people immediately come out of that website and do not go again to the website which increases the bonus rate of your website. And according to Google's algorithm your blog is less trustworthy due to which the blog is not able to rank in any search engine and there is no traffic on your blog. Would come
Therefore, the design of the website or blog should be good.
Choose a good theme with a professional design for your blog so that all your readers love the design and can easily understand the content of all the blogs.

Critical point

Blog design should be professional.

The theme should contain everything you need (like home, featured, tab, category etc.)

Blog theme should be light weight.

Theme should be mobile friendly.

2. Content
You must know that in the blogging world, content is everything, so if the content of your block is right, then people will definitely like your block.
Therefore, you should make professional quality content public on your blog which is helpful and useful to your readers.

Important Tips -
Research -
To improve the content of your blog, do a full recharge of the topic of your post before writing your article only after recharging.

Header -
 To improve the article track tractors and your content, use four to five headings in your articles so that your readers will easily understand your contents.

Do not write boring things in your article that will trouble your reader. You must know that no reader wants to read boring things.

3. Article leanth -
There are many bloggers who have written hundreds of thousands of articles, but not a single article has gone viral, that is why their article contains maximum 500 to 600 words, so their article does not become viral.
According to the CEO of Google, your article should contain between 2000 and 8000 words, only then your article will be viral because people share more and more articles from 2000 to 8000, which increases the chance of your article becoming viral.

So if you also want to make your post viral on the first page of Google or on social media, then you should also try to write more than 2000 words in your article.

4. Keywords -
Before writing an article, you must do research on your keywords. Otherwise your article will never go viral and on the first page of Google, even if it comes, it will come after very hard work.

Key 3 Things of Keyword Research

Find keywords

Choose law competition keywords

Analysis competition on keywords

I have explained below some keyword research tool which will help you in doing keyword research.

Google keywords planner -
 With the help of this tool you can check the average monthly searches of your keywords.

Keywords everywhere -
With the help of this tool you can check the competiton of your keywords. For this, you have to install this tool in the crome browser of your computer, whenever you search a keyword in your browser then Google will show you the competition and cpc of that keyword.

Google long tail keywords -

You can find long tail keywords from Asani using Google search by releted search by searching your keywords.

5. Loading speed -
There are big bloggers to win in the world. The loading speed of their website is less than 1 second. If the loading speed of your website is 1 second or more, then optimize your website's loading speed.
On Google, apko will find many such websites that you can measure the loading speed of your website.

To increase the loading speed of the website, you should optimize at the following points.

Optimize the blog's image.

Reduce Blog's server response time

Use a light weight theme

At least use redirection.

Check java script and css.

6. Search Engines Optimize (SEO) -
 SEO has an important role or role to increase traffic to blog or website because traffic cannot come on any website or blog without SEO.
If SEO is not optimized on your blog, then there will not be organic traffic to your block or website, then all your methods will not work if you have worked to increase traffic on the website.
To increase traffic, you can read this article of ours in full detail on how to optimize SEO on your blog or website.

7. Commenting
You can also bring a lot of traffic to your website or blog by commenting, for this, you have to visit the websites of the world's big bloggers and after going to any article, you have to comment below, be careful while commenting. That whoever is asking any question from them, then you have to answer those questions and after giving the answer, you also have a link to your website or blog Share this, so that person will get help from your answer, then that person can also come to your website, which can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

8. Publish list post
You can also teach traffic to your website or blog in this way, in this you have to write the title of all your articles as a list and share that list on social media so that the people who are on your website or blog If you look at the list, you will definitely come to your website

9. Trending topic
Through this, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website or block, in this you have to write an article on the trending topic, like whatever is going on in the present time, whatever is going on in trading, you should write an article on the same topic. Then your article will become more and more viral because trending topic is such a topic that people search it more and more.

10. Social media
Social media is a platform where you can get a lot of traffic to your website or blog, here you will find a lot of social media apps and websites on which you can create an account and share the link to your website or blog and good You can bring a lot of traffic such as share chat, facebook, whatsapp group, twitter etc. on all these social media, you can link your website or blog Year can and good eminently bring traffic

11. YouTube
Youtube is also a social media where you can increase the traffic coming to your website or blog even more. If you have a channel on YouTube, then tell people about your website and tell the topic related to the blog or website But make a video and share the link of your website or article in the video description and go to the big Youtubers' channel and people will go to their comment Turn on the question of people and share your link there as well, this can bring a lot of traffic to your website or blog.
If you do not have a YouTube channel, you can also create a YouTube channel, if you do not know how to create a YouTube channel, then you can see this article in it, it is told in full detail how to create a YouTube channel.

12. Updating
You always have to update your blog or website and keep posting a new article on your blog or website every day, then only traffic will continue to come on your blog, the more content on your website, the more traffic will come on your website and Your website or blog will also rank on Google.
Because when your old post gets updated it happens and Google and other search engines index your post again and your article starts to rank.

13. Transform
You are going to gain a lot in this trick because here you have to do double hard work and your traffic is going to get boosted.
In this, you have to prepare an ebook of all your articles and share the link of your website and article in it, because there are many people who do not have time to read your post, then they download your e-book and Later read and share your friends as well, this can increase your traffic immensely, after preparing the e-book, you can transform it into YouTube videos too. Do it and publish it on YouTube and also share your link in its description, this will also cause traffic to your website or blog.

 We hope that you will definitely benefit from this article.
If you have any problem related to this article, then you must comment or email us, we will definitely solve your problem.

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