how to install software in android mobile from pc

how to install software in android mobile from pc

Many times a software problem occurs in our mobile, the phone is not turned on when the phone is on, or sometimes due to the software problem, the phone becomes on, but only the name of the phone's company appears and something No and that phone does not work, then if the same problem has happened in your mobile phone, then you can put software in your mobile at home, so in this article in today's article Step Tutorial tell the mobile to enter or to mobile how Flash software? Along with this, what are the things you will need for this and how can you fix Dead Mobile Phone

 (how to install software in android mobile from pc)

It is very easy to flash the mobile and all the people flash the mobile to put the software in the mobile, this process has to be done very carefully, now the question arises what is mobile flash? If it is said in easy language, it is possible to do mobile flash. Installing a new and fresh software completely removes the software that is in your mobile, it is said that mobile flash is like a new window in the computer. Installing the same software by deleting the old one removes the old software in the same way and installing the new software in the phone is called flashing. You can update your phone Brick (Brick Phone) firmware (firmware) but keep in mind that this process is to delete all data from mobile and some important things to flash the mobile you must have.

Important things for mobile software or mobile flash

You must have a data cable to connect your mobile to the computer
You must have a computer or laptop to flash mobile
You must have a software problem phone
You must have a fast internet connection to download the software
Note: This method is going to work only in Sir MTK i.e. MEDIATEK device and do not try this method with the correct phone, which is phone dead, the defective software is blown, using the same mobile phones, the phone malfunction and We do not guarantee any problem!

How to put software (software) in mobile? Complete information to do mobile flash

 1. Download Stock ROM for Mobile

To install the software in mobile, first of all, you have to download (Stock Rom), that is, you will have to download the Android operating system that you have to install in mobile, then you should download the software ROM according to your phone, by searching in your Google You have to download for example, if your phone is from Samsung, then search in Google, Stock Rom Download For Samsung on 7 and search if the links of the three four websites You will find it initially, open it and download the stock ROM from it and if the ROM is inside the zip file, then (Unzip) it will have the same software inside.

 2. Download the SP Flash Tool

As soon as you download the stock ROM, after that you should download the SP Flash Tool, only with the help of this software you will flash your mobile i.e. install the software in the mobile

3. Download and install Android USB Driver

After all these things, now you have to download the Android USB driver, then you will also have to search Google and enter the name of your phone's company, after that open some website and download the USB driver according to your phone and it Install the computer system, with the help of this, the computer will recognize your mobile, which phone is it?

After following all these steps, you will have to flash the mobile, that is, the software will be downloaded in the mobile. Now let's learn how to download the software in the mobile, how to put the software in the mobile or how to flash the mobile?

 4. Now open the SP Flash Tool

Now you have to open the SP flash tool and then after that you have to click on scatter loading files, after this you now have to open your stock ROM which you have downloaded inside it, after that you click on the firmware Now you have to select Android scatter files (Android_Scatter), there are scatter files according to every phone, then select whatever files will be from Android_Scatter, then after that software poo Ra will load

Open SP flash tool
Now click on Scatter loading
Now open stock rom and click on firmware
Select Android_Scatter

 5. Now click on download

As soon as you load the software, after this you have to click on the download option of Simple SP Flash Tool and allow this process to be 100% as soon as it becomes 100%, it will show you 0%, then remove the mobile battery. And take care to connect the computer with the data cable and keep it on the side of the battery, then as soon as they connect then it will start the process and start putting software in your phone If done, it will take some time for 4 to 5 minutes until the process is complete, as soon as this 100% process is complete, your phone will show a green single, which means that the software has been inserted in your phone and your mobile flash Is done

So in this way, you can fix the software problem in your mobile, you can add a new software to your phone, or you can flash the mobile phone saying that this process is only for Android phones.

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