How to make money from twitter

How to make money from twitter

In this post, we are going to tell you about making money from Twitter, in which we are going to give you complete information about earning money from Twitter, we hope that you will like our post like last time. We are going to tell you the complete information of how you can earn money from Twitter and what you have to do for it.
Friends, in today's time, everyone wants to earn money, but most people want to earn money sitting at home online, so the question often comes to us is how to earn money from Twitter. If you see friends, in today's time, everyone has all the facilities along with the smartphone. In today's time, internet connection has also become very cheap, that's why everyone wants to know how to earn money from Twitter. By the way, there are many ways to earn money from Twitter. But before you know how to earn money from Twitter, you have to know what Twitter is. Read our post till the end to know what Twitter is and how to earn money from it.

How to make money with twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform that has gained immense popularity. Twitter uses 326 million people every month. Twitter is an important part of any social media marketing campaign. This platform is known for tweets of celebrities of all streams like films, politics, sports etc. This is one medium where celebrities are followed by Instagram.
Twitter is a platform where anyone can receive recent updates and participate in fruitful discussions or enjoy brand or celebrity controversies. Twitter itself is a powerful platform, not a drain on the marketing of another site. You can build a Twitter account around a profitable niche - for example, online, online education, or motherhood, making money - and gather a large number of followers interested in that niche. You can then tweet links to interesting content from around the web, offering something to your followers at no cost to create content on your own.

Using Twitter you can earn money in real and there is not only one way for this. How to earn money from Twitter, there are many ways through which you can earn money through social networks without trying to sell your products or services. Here we will tell some tips that can help you earn money on Twitter. So let's start again and know how to earn Twitter money.
Sponsored Tweets
Rev Tweets
Write for

# 1. Sponsored Tweets

The best thing about Twitter is that you can promote your Tweets by using the Sponsored Tweets Feature. Sponsored Tweets is a well-known advertising service for Twitter that allows you to set your own cost-per-click for advertisements that tweet. You can choose ads that are regularly updated from the list of available ads.

There are some prerequisites for using the Sponsored Tweets service. The first condition among them is that the Twitter account must be at least 2 months old before signing in for sponsored tweets, and there should be at least 50 followers and at least 100 tweets. A Twitter Account with these basic features will be eligible to register for Sponsored Tweets.
How to Make Tweets to Make Money with Sponsored Tweets -

One of the most important factors that Sponsored Advertisers have seen is how you tweet and you tweet how much impact your followers have. Thus on that note, it is absolutely necessary to understand how to tweet how to earn money or, in simple words, to follow what tips and tricks to make your tweets as a source for you to earn. Do.
Here we will tell you some ways that will help you earn money from Sponsored Tweets. So let's know how to earn money from Sponsored Tweets. To earn money from Sponsored Tweets, you have to follow some tips like -
Select Keywords Intelligently
Complete Your Twitter Profile
Enhance Your Klout Score
Put on clickwatch
Apply for Celebrity Status

select Keywords Intelligently
This is one of the important aspects to look after the establishment of Sponsored Tweets Profile. Thus select wise keywords to add to your description so that the advertiser can identify you as what they are looking for. And for the same you can choose popular and long keywords for example - Technology, Food, Entertainment etc.
Complete Your Twitter Profile
Along with completing the Sponsored Tweets Profile, do not forget to complete your Twitter Profile as well. As it will help you find out, it will certify and will help advertisers to get a better idea of ​​who they are going to advertise their product or service with.

Enhance Your Klout Score
Clout scores can range between 1 to 100 depending on how influential you are, which means how likely you are to react or comment on your Tweets. Thus the definition of the Clout Score is the data that relates to the effect size and power of your area on Twitter and calculates with Access, Velocity, Engagement, Demand, Network Power and Activity. In this way, to know about your Clout score, do not forget to sign in for a Clout account. Because when you do this, it will show your CLOT score on your Sponsored Score Page otherwise it will always show zero.

Put on clickwatch
Put on ClickWatch helps advertisers find those Twitter that perform well after 48 hours of tweets. And if the CPC for Twitter's Tweets is above $ 1.50, the Sponsored Tweet System automatically schedules the next Tweets and if the performance is good again after 48 hours, schedule the third Tweets. Thus, put your Sponsored Tweets in Control Panel on ClickWatch so that they can identify you as a potential Twitter.

apply for Celebrity Status
It can also help you open the door to opportunities now. As Web Celebritie and Star Listed for the first time in Sponsored Tweets. And it is of course true that the first Page Exposure can provide you as much as other pages. In this way, you can apply for Web Celebrity Status as many offers you get, just by filling a form, in which you can mention the details asked.

#2. MyLikes

MyLkes is a comprehensive advertising platform that can be used on Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube, Blog. You have to choose the advertisements of thousands of advertisers and your advertisement will be scheduled to be tweeted from your accounts. With this you can earn $ 0.42 per click. This payment can be received on a weekly basis. This is a great way to earn money.

# 3. is another Ad Platform for Twitter. is another advertising service that allows you to send advertisements in your Tweets. However you will not get pay-per-click in it. Instead you create a profile of your interests, then Advertiser can choose your account to promote a campaign. You agree to send a specific number of tweets at a specific time and for this you get a one-time payment.

# 4. Rev Tweets

Rev Tweets is a Twitter-based advertising service and is a Pay-Per-Click Platform. The more followers you have and the more reputation you have, the more access you will have to high-paying campaigns. The reach of high paying campaigns will be enabled with the increasing popularity and followers of your Twitter Account. You will be paid through PayPal. The amount will be paid when your account reaches 20 $.

# 5. Twittad

Twittad Platform claims to be one of the first sponsored Tweet networks. The process of advertisement in this forum is a bit unique. Basically one has to set their price per click and then wait for the advertisers to accept their specified bid. One also has to specify his niche, which can help advertisers to choose Twitter account specifically. You will be paid through PayPal. The amount will be paid when your account reaches $ 30.

# 6. Write for

Bukisa is a very popular content publishing website. This publisher gives authors a chance to earn money by writing engaging articles on their website, increasing traffic to the website and then advertising other products or services on the article web page in columns. The ability of your article depends on your ability to get more money and more ad clicks. This will happen when you have good quality content and your content will be able to get more clicks. You can earn a lot of money by increasing the traffic for your articles by sharing it on social media platforms including Twitter.

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