How to make money selling stock images

How to make money selling stock images

How to earn money by selling image, photography do you do for your grief, but do you know that you can also earn money with photography passion, if you want to earn money by selling image, then how to sell you image in this post full You will get information. If you want to make your photography paison your career, then your lifestyle will change a lot and you will also earn very well from your photography passion. 

Many people grieve for photography and they also know what is the way to click any best image and how to click a good high quality image. But do you know your photography passion If you do not know how to make your career and how to earn money from it, then today in this post you will tell about how to earn money by selling the image, I will tell you about some websites that will help you in your ca You can earn very good by selling photos clicked on mera on those websites.

But you will be able to fulfill the dream of earning money by selling an image and making it your carrer only when you come from personal to professional photography but you will definitely need some good equipment for it.

How to become professional PHOTOGRAPHER? BEST TIPS

 Most of the people use their mobile phone to click photos or use Basics Digital Camera, but if you want to make photography your carrer then you will have to make some changes in it.

1. If you want to become a Professional Photographer, then it is very important to do a photography course to make your passion a career so that you can know how to click a good photo and which lens, mode, and to click a photo well Camera would be good if you want, you can also take online photography course.

2. You will not be able to become a professional photographer by clicking a photo from your mobile phone and you will not be able to earn anything, for this you will have to get some good equipment like a good photography DSLR Camera and good lens, it is very important for a professional photographer.

3. If you want to earn by selling a photo on a marketplace, then you have to read the terms & conditions of the marketplace carefully for that.


1. Adobe Stock image. Adobe Top Websites For Image Selling This is an American company that is famous all over the world because of its premium software applications and you must have heard the name of Adobe photoshop software, it is the software of Adobe which is used for designing photo editing and graphics. is.

Adobe stock image is a website where high regulation images are bought and sold, here you also get 4k videos, 3D images and editorial template, top businesses also buy images from this website and all top photographers click here They sell images.

Adobe stock image
2. Shutter Stock: This website is also an American company but it is not a software, this site is a stock photography site, more than 250 million stock photos are available on this website, this site stock photo, graphics, video in all of these world. It is the top most site and daily new photos are added on this site, this website is best for earning money from selling images because more images are purchased from this site in a country like India.

4. According to the conditions of the marketplace, you have to click the right image and for that you have to choose the right Lens, Camera, and Location.

3. Imagesbazaar: This website is the world's largest stock images collection site This site is the best source to earn money for Indian photographar and models, millions of new images are added here.

Image bazaar
In this post you must have learned how to earn money by selling the image and if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting.

4. Dreamstime: - This website is a very good website to earn money by sending photos online, first you have to go to this website and create your account, you have to login after creating your account, then Sell your images ,

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