How to make money with amazon flex

How to make money with amazon flex?

What is Amazon Flex? As fast as our country is developing (progress), the life-style of people is changing. Due to this change, our expenses are increasing day by day. The one who used to get Rs.10 / - earlier, has now got Rs.15 / - or more. Experts consider the reason for increasing Inflation.

These are the technical things about financial knowledge, about which we will know more in detail. Now you must be thinking that then why did I say this here, then the reason for this is that if we have to maintain the same life-style then we will have to increase our income. We can do this only then, along with our main job, we should also do some other side job that will provide us the extra income that we are looking for.

Just about the same thing, how you can increase your extra income, this article today, how to earn money from Amazon Flex is going to be very important for you. This is because if you also want to increase your income in a genunine way in any way, just like the ones, then Amazon's new income plan "Amazon Flex" is going to help you a lot.
If you also want to know about the information of Amazon flex program and Amazon flex se paise kaise kamaye, then you will have to read this article completely. Then let's start without delay.

What is amazon flex

Amazon Flex is the Product Delivery Service of the Amazon company. It provides part-time jobs opportunity to people who have been initiate by Amazon to deliver their products, the best thing is that you decide your convenient time and number of hours yourself.

amazon Flex is a program where independent contractors, called delivery partners, who deliver Amazon orders. On you will find hundreds of items available, which include electronics, household essentials, and more.
At the same time delivery partners use their vehicles to deliver the package to Amazon customers. At the same time, this new delivery program allows you to generate some extra income in your spare time (free time).

With this initiative, Amazon is looking to strengthen its delivery network and at the same time, it pays Rs 120-140 per hour to anyone who delivers their products.
By the way, the Amazon Flex Program in Hindi is already in the countries of Bahar but it has just been implemented in India. This program has been launched in India in Hali. Right now they are operating this facility only in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore in India. Later, we are going to increase this channel in other cities.

What kind of Deliveries do you have to do with Amazon Flex?

Here you have to make delivery of Amazon packages that too of many sizes and weights. Perhaps you know that on, you can find electronics, household essentials, and many more. You have to deliver all these things.

When and where was Amazon Flex first started?

Amazon Flex first started in the US (America) in 2015.

How to make money with amazon flex

Once you sign up on the Amazon Flex delivery program, then you will be registered on a formal basis according to a part-time delivery partner and at the same time you have to choose your area and also when you can deliver packages. You have to choose this.

Here you can find a man easily working four hours a day for Rs. Can earn up to 120 - 140 per hour in a day. At the same time, they have to pick up orders from delivery stations and they have to reach the right customers. Then at the end of the day you have to submit all undelivered orders at the delivery stations and whatever cash you have received from COD purchases.
In truth, it is very easy to do, which you can do in your free time and earn extra income

.How to use Amazon Flex?

Once you join Amazon Flex, now it comes to how to use it, so I want to tell you that it is very easy to use it.

Wherever you want to deliver the product or in any area, just say that the area you are familiar with, you will have to select the same area and at any time you are free to select it to be delivered. Just say that you can set your flexible time according to your own.
Once you have selected the time according to you, then after selecting it, according to the same, the details of the product delivery will be sent to this app itself. At the same time, you have to go to the delivery station and receive the product and deliver it to the right customers.

At the same time, you will know the complete details of how to use the app through the video in this app. If you are a student or housewife, then you can easily earn Rs.15000 / - a month by taking 3 to 4 hours a day.

How to download amazon flex app?

If you have to download Amazon Flex App, then first you have to create a new account on it. While going to the site of Amazon Flex here, from there you can download the Amazon Flex app directly on your Android smartphone.
To use this app properly, your Android Phone must be the latest, which requires Android 6 or above OS.
At the same time, it is very necessary to have at least 2GB of RAM in SmartPhone. While it is always necessary to be connected with the Internet, GPS should also always be On.

How to connect to Amazon Flex 

If you also want to join Amazon Flex and want to join yourself in it, then for this you must first have the essential things mentioned above. Whereas you have to follow the following steps mentioned below.

Step 1: First of all, go to

Step 2: - Once you go to the site, you will see a form there, fill that form. There you own

Enter First Name First Name
Last Name Enter Last Name
Enter Town / City City Name
Enter Pincode PIN Code
Mobile Number Enter Mobile Number
Email Id Enter your Email ID
Select which vehicle you have in Type of Vechile vehicle information.
Then click on GET THE APP below

At the same time, clicking on this GET THE APP will automatically start downloading the Amazon Flex App in your mobile.

Step 3: - Once this app is downloaded, you have to install it in your mobile.

Step 4: - After installing the app, you have to open the app. One has to login again.

You can use your old Amazon Credentials to login, if not, then you can also create a new account.

Then all the details mentioned in it have to be filled, PAN card account number driving license etc. have to be filled. At the same time, whatever permission is asked in between, you have to allow it.
After this, your background verification will be done, which is very important. This is done so that if you do not run away with Amazon's product, it may cause a lot of damage to the company.

You can also view educational videos in this app, so that all your doubts will be cleared automatically.

Who is the amazon flex designed to target?

The Amazon Flex Program has been made primarily to target housewives, college students, security guards, retired professionals. For those people who want to use their free time properly, it is going to be most useful for them, so that they can easily earn extra money.

At the same time, Amazon also wants to provide the fastest and better delivery to its customers.

What are the requirements to join Amazon Flex?

Let us now know what requirements you have to fulfill in order to join Amazon Flex.

1. First you must be 18+.

2. You must have a two wheeler or any other vehicle which complies with all applicable law and safety requirements.

3. You must have a PAN card for payment processing.

4. You must have a Saving Bank Account or Current Bank Account to receive payment.

5. There should be an Android SmartPhone, to install and use the Amazon Flex App. The phone should have camera with flash, GPS location services, and an active SIM with voice & data connectivity.

6. Must have a valid and legally compliant Driving License, Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Certificate and Pollution (PUC) certificate.

If you want, you can use your existing account which is on or if it is not, then you can register a new account for Amazon Flex program.

At the same time, you also have to do a background check successfully through their third-party background verification agency, which includes verification of your address, driving license, and criminal records.

Does Amazon provide you insurance?

the answer is yes. Amazon keeps all the drivers that work for Amazon Flex under a Group Accident Policy. But the condition is that while onboarding you have ticked the terms and conditions in their insurance page.

It also includes Accidental Death and Disability. This policy only covers you when you are in work and delivery of Amazon Flex, whether it is to deliver or when to return.

Let us know about some of their details:
1) Accidental death coverage is up to INR 5,00,000 / -
2) Permanent Disability Coverage is up to INR 5,00,000 / -

This policy does not cover the damage to your property (vehicle).

Note that the policy terms and coverage may change from time to time, so it would be better that you get information about this on their site, which keeps on updating.

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