How to put Google's Adsense on your blog

How to put Google's Adsense on your blog

Today we will talk about Adsense, how to put Adsense's ads in the blog? Many of my friends often ask this question, how to put ad in the blog, I am giving answers to all their questions in this post, if there is any deficiency then tell me in the comment. Adsense is the biggest company that pays money for showing ads, if we use it properly, then we can earn a lot of money, some people even create an adsense account and also put ads in their blog, but are unable to earn the right income if you know Want to know why this happens to them, then this post is for you only, in this post we will know the reason for this.

adsense is a google made company known by google adsense name, people are earning lakhs of rupees from it, you can also earn if you have the courage, strength and self confidence to do something in it, then to earn money from this you will be the first You will have to make your own website, which you can create for free on

Which size of the blog can you earn more money by placing ads?

You might also think that what size ads fit on the blog to make more income, we will talk a little about it because many bloggers are not aware of it.

And they have a problem of low income, yes friends, it is not wrong that by choosing the right and not perfect size of ad, we are scared of earning a lot of money.

1. Ads links: 200/90

For those blogging, this size is a very secret way, it works exactly like a topic and shows the topic as mentioned in the post.

Like if you have written a post on blogging, its ads will be make money it blogging, create blog, free blog tips and best thing is mobile friendly ad due to the size of 200/90, this ad blog for visitors who use mobile. It would be better to put in

2. Banner 600/300

You must have seen on many blog's that there is a banner ad in their sidebar, it is used to show big size ads, that means a big banner is necessary for many adsense ads.

In which adsense can show full ad, 600/300 size is the best, you can see ad of this size in the sidebar of my website, this 3 size ads are very important for the blog.

3. Responsive

This is the best size, we can place it on blog posts, widgets, sidebar, pages anywhere. It shows ads of size according to the screen of mobile, tablet, desktop, ie you add it anywhere according to its size. Will show itself.

Tips: Always use only text / image type so that adsense on your website can show better and website related ad.

How to make Adsense ads
If you are on blogging starting now, then I would suggest that you first make a better blog, then read the rules of adsense and create an adsense account and then put ads on your blog.

In order to place adsense ads in the blog, we have to first go to adsense and create ads, what size will the ads be made, what size are the ads to make, I have already told you above, let's first make ads.

option 1: Ads size

First log in to and after home click on My ads >> New ads. Now a popup window will open in which you have to select the size type, style of ads.

The title of Ads is to choose the lime title related to your blog.
Clicking on Recommended will show the ad's size, select the size you want to create ads, you can select the size according to your own by selecting the custom size and by clicking on the link below the ad, the link ad of 200/90 size Can be made
Adsense team has already given some important sizes, you can choose the size of your need from them.
Option 2: ads type

By following the 4 no. In the image above, you have to select "text & display ads". Many times we only put image ad on the blog, which also slows the loading speed of the blog.

And many important text ads do not show due to our blog block, which reduces our income, so always use only ads of text / images type.

Option 3: Ads Style

On clicking on Text & display ads, an arrow page will open, in that you have to do ad style setting.
Choose the style that you like from these.
Here you can see the demo of what the ad will look like on setting.
Click "copy and edit" to choose the color of your choice.
All these options will be enabled as soon as you click on Copy and Edit and you can customize them to your liking.
After creating the ads, click on save and get code.

Where will you meet Adsense's Ads Code?

When you create a new ad, a new popup window will open as soon as you click on the save and get code, it will contain the code of the ad you created by copying that code and you can add it to the blog.
After going to Asense, click on my ads in the right side of the home.
Here a list of all your ads is shown, you can get the code of the ads by clicking on the get code below the code you want.
Complete information of how to install Adsense Ads in Blog

Now you have also made an ad on adsense and you have got its code too, now you need to know that in the blog you said where to place ad and how to place ad.

5 - 6 ads of adsense is allowed on the blog, if you get more ads than this, then the ad will not show and your adsense account can also be blocked, so now we have to put 5 ads on the blog.

1. Ads in Post

You can apply 3 or 4 ad in the post, more speed is slowed by applying more ad, so if you use only 3 ad in post then it will be better. Many templates that are adsense friendly have separate widgets to place ads in posts.

If your blog template adsense is not ready, then you add direct ad code to the post, for that you go to edit option of post and click on html from compose / html where you have to apply ad paste paste the ad code there>

In the post, you use "Responsive and Links Ads" add.

2. Ads in Sidebar

You have to apply 600/300 size ad in the sidebar, you can use 2 ads in the sidebar.

3. Ads in Widget

 Log in to and go to the dashboard of the blog where you want to place the ad.
Now click on "Add a Widget" wherever you want to place ads.
 Click on "HTML / Javasript" and paste the code of the ad in the box and click on it.
Note: - Do not use related to the template of ads color blog, because this will make users consider only part of the post and click on ads which are against the rules of adsense policy.

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