how to set up seo for blogger

how to set up seo for blogger

You are a new blogger and you want to know how to enable Advance seo settings in your blog. We all know what friends Seo is and how everyone knows how to write Seo friendly posts. Today's My Topic is how to set Seo in Blogger blog.

New blogger This generation is very important because when you do not do seo properly in Blogger, then his blog will not index in Google search engine. And his blog and traffic will not come and when your Visitor will not come, then your Earning will not happen, so let's come to your topic now.

Before enabling this setting, keep in mind that do this setting very well. Otherwise your blog may be closed. If you follow my step properly then I am not responsible for it, it will be your negligence. Because I am afraid to do this setting but you have no need to fear, you just have to follow my step properly.

How to do Seo Settings in Blogger (Search preferences)

 Everyone knows that Seo plugin like wordpress does not support in blogger, whatever Seo setting is done in Blogger, all that has to be done under Search Preferences setting, today we will learn to enable all search Preferences seo settings.
Within the search preferences, we are given 5 important Seo setting which we need to turn on, this setting enables the Advance setting of our Blogger site.

Let us first know what happens in the advanced setting.

Meta Tag Description

Custom page Not Found (Error 404)
Custom Redirect 
Custom Reboot.text 

Custom Reboot header Tag

This is the 5 important setting which is very important for Seo, without this you cannot bring it to the blog search engine.

 How to Add meta Tag Description in Blogger.

 It is very important to add this description. By enabling this setting, when a Visitor does some search in google, first of all our site name comes, but our Mata Tag Description appears just below the URL of Blog. This gives us an idea on which topic this blog is and what kind of knowledge is shared on your blog.

In this description, you can add up to 150 Sabbaths, not more than this, if you add more Sabbaths than this, Google will not index it. You have to use your description keeping this in mind.

Step: 1 First go to and login. After that, go to Setting Option and click on Search Preference.

Step: 2 Now a box will be visible in front of you. Add your blog description in it and click on Seva Changes.

How to add to custom page Not Found Blog

If you delete a post or make some changes from your blog or you have shared the URL of the deleted post with a friend, then that url will not be open in Google, only you will get 404 error Show. If you did not add Redirection Code to it, 404 error will come on your blog forever.

Step: 1 To add this code, go to your blogger's dashboard and click on setting. Then click on Search References and Redirection. turn on custom page Not Found Box

How to add custom redirect page to blogger

With the help of this Future, you have accidentally deleted the page of your blog. So with the help of this futher you can bring your Visitor to New Page and he will not even know. If you do this, then there will be no problem in the seo of your blog.

How to create Custom Reboot.Text files

Custom reboot.Text Files This is very important if you do not want to see the content or page of the blog, then you can do it with the help of this setting. And Google also will not Carol this page.

 If you select this setting according to yourself, then whatever post or page is on your blog, everything will be out of Google. And will not show in the search engine. Select the URL you want to remove from Google.

how to enable custom Rebot Header Tag

This is the biggest Advance Seo setting of Blogger Blog and enable it. It is very important to do this, you can take the help of Image to turn this settings ON. You just have to put Nissan on the tick that is right.

Step: 1 First of all go to the blogger's dashboard and then click on the setting. Now the option of Custom Reboot Header tag will appear in front of you.

Step: 2 Now click on Edit then tick Yes.
Step: 3 Now an option will appear in front of you like the image above.

1.Home page: - You select All

2.Archive and search page: You select Noindex and NoArchive.
3. In Default for posts and Page you select all

 This was the way of setting Blogger blog by advance seo friends, if you like this post. So do share with friends and if there is any problem you should tell in the comment.

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