Political affiliation are you?

Would you support low-cost vasectomies/tubal ligations being made available to anyone who wanted them in the United States? Why or why not? What political affiliation are you?

I probably won’t support any type of subsidization that doesn’t have a cause.

In economics class, we subsidize or tax things to get a desired goal.

For example.

Gasoline use is bad for the roads and the environment, so, to discourage people from buying a TON of it, we tax gasoline to

1. Make money to repair the roads and help the environment.

2. Discourage excessive use.

By artificially raising the price on something, you will lower the use of that product (in theory).

Now, If we take that same idea, and lower the cost artificially on vasectomies, more guys will get vasectomies.

Now, my reasoning is why do we want to encourage vasectomies?

The Birth rate in the USA is currently 1.8 children per woman.

The ideal rate for any nation is 2.1, the replacement population model.

Anymore than 2.1 and you will eventually get overpopulation. Anything lower than 2.1 will shrink the population and age it. Eventually the average age increases, and now in a few decades we have millions more old people we have to feed.

This idea would be good in a 3rd world country, where the birthrates are 4+. Having more vasectomies would lower down this overpopulation.

But America has a birth rate a tad low, not even low enough that we would have to be worried about it.

So, we shouldn’t worry about it either way. Don’t bother regulating sexual stuff when you don’t need to.

Besides, subsidization costs money $$$ and this country doesn’t have a ton of that at the moment.

Lastly, I classify as a leaning conservative, the asker was asking that as well.

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