Some values of liberalism that conservatives need to integrate or reintegrate into their core ideology?


A step down from this new narrative of “protect the rich at almost any cost”
And I understand the reasoning behind this idea, if you punish success to much, then wealth will just leave the country.

I am an aspiring businessman as well, and I have big time ambitions to become a millionaire and to have great success in the business world, so why would I have such a counter productive opinion?

At the end of the day, Income inequality is a problem.

A lot of room to say how much of a problem, but it is a problem.

A lot of it is natural, some people are just more skilled than others or work harder, etc, a lot of people plunge into various problems like drugs and get into a endless abyss of problems.

my main argument?

Money at a certain point just doesn’t bring happiness.

Sure, the man crying in a Ferrari is happier than the man crying in a 2003 Malibu, however, using wealth to create an organized road to a certain degree of success, like the middle class, would help tremendously.

This isn’t to say we should take this hard earned money and dump it into pointless welfare schemes, most of which just don’t work.

But we should put it into departments that benefit all of society equally, not a certain class, both lower and upper.

these things consist of:

Infrastructure, the usa’s roads are suffering endlessly and hurting our economic output
Police, we need a better police force on a national scale, it brings down violent crime.
Research; Our scientific edge is our greatest advantage to other nations, we need to maintain it to keep America competitive.
I’m not an advocate for the borderline Marxist 60% tax enslavement that Europe has voluntarily subjected on itself, I am saying that the top .1%, not even the top one percent, are succeeding at such a high level, that it’s hurting the rest of us.

We shouldn’t target the rich, afterall, the road to socialism is a guaranteed ticket to a 3rd world shithole. but we shouldn’t hurt our own people just so some guy can get their 2nd yacht.

The Middle class is dying and it’s as important to the economy as the upper class.

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