Trump supporters for electing Trump and continuing to support him no matter what ?

i can smell the self righteousness from the asker.

40%-55% of the people in this country don’t need to beg for forgiveness from the other half of the country.

Here are my talking points.

Clinton was an equal, if not worse evil.
We made a choice, many people chose trump simply because the democratic establishment likely manipulated the democratic primary to give Hillary the win. Does that sound democratic to you? A party that disregarded it’s own people’s choice

Clinton backer agrees primary was 'rigged'

this is BBC news, not some fox news or breitbart bullshit.

Though the full story on the primary will never be known, there’s enough evidence to be reasonable there was something going on.

Back in 2016, imagine the entire country, both democrats and republicans are having 2nd thoughts, we had to vote between a snake and a vulture, and that’s a fact.

Clinton was flooded with endless mud, just like trump, some true, some utter bullshit conspiracy theories.

None of us know what to believe anymore because the american people are endlessly lied to from both sides now.

So, I won’t apologize for half of the country thinking for themselves. The other side certainly did as well and their conscience is clear as ours.

I’m open to voting democrat, but not with the loons running at the top of the party today, and especially not in 2016.

2. Basic Platforming of the parties.

Let’s be completely real here.

The Democratic part doesn’t like white males, they don’t want them in positions of power, they don’t want them leading the party.

The Republican party isn’t perfect, hell, it isn’t even good, but I won’t vote for a party that is starting to demonize white men as some evil race of monsters.

This isn’t even going in to people that have also felt marginalized by the simple politics of taking a side, including;

Jews (many democrats “siding” with Palestine, such as iman Omar)
Rich minorities, high tax rates are annoying to all rich people.
Workers in the industrial and fossil fuel fields
one topic voters, (those that side with their party over one thing, like abortion or gun rights)
libertarians; the “free stuff” movements have turned them off.
People will always vote for their own self preservation first.

Honestly? I’m probably not going to vote either way in 2020. We’re fucked until the american people get their shit together, we have become lazy, fat, dumb, and we became this way because people are eating bullshit and not smelling it.

Word of the day.


Though many consider this word to be a ‘fake word”, This German phrase/word has a rough equivalent to, “I agree with you, but you’re being a serious ass about it.”

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