United States have prevented the homeless situation from exploding as the richest country in the world

About 4 days ago I was walking around my university.

A man, obviously not well to do, greets me.

He says his name is “withheld for privacy” and that he was homeless. He asked for some food.

I got him a couple of burgers because I felt bad, and offered to sit down with him and to help him find some work or a place to stay or something.

he declined, saying he was “busy’

I didn’t intentionally look for him, but i bumped into him the next day, he asked for food, feeling like i’m being shook down, instead of delivering the food to him I tell him I got him a lunch and it’s inside, testing whether or not he’s trying to get better and not taking advantage of my empathy.

out of nowhere he takes out plastic bag, taking the food, a salad and some chicken, and all the silverware and puts it in, and leaves, saying he wants to introduce me to his daughter. I waited half an hour before I sadly accepted that he ditched me.

I’m 100% sure he was homeless, he was clearly underfed and clearly not in good health, his clothes were dirty and tattered and he did not smell pleasant. And his teeth likely weren’t brushed in years.

i tried twice to help this man out besides feeding him, and he just asked for food and for me to give him money.

I gave the man a fish, but when i offered him a rod, he walked away….

I’m pretty resourceful, and i could have gotten him a job, even a homeless person. I had the methods to help him turn his whole life around, at least to the point he wouldn’t be homeless. And I was willing to give him all the support I had.

The man wasn’t a bad person, but he clearly didn’t care about himself, he didn’t want to help himself and he didn’t want to change…

I learned something that day.

No matter how much you try, you can’t change people, they need to change themselves.

they need to want to change, to succeed in life and to pursue happiness.

I could never do that for him, I hope that one day he grows into a successful man.

There was nothing we could do to stop this, except to help wherever we can, the ultimate choice to change one’s behavior lies with them and them alone..

Homelessness has and always will be a problem because the individual themselves is the ultimate determination of whether said person will be happy or unhappy.

What should we do about homelessness? I’m not a professional so I really can’t say…

Update 1: lots of ideas in the comments, albeit a lot of ones where it’s just a lot of throwing money around.

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