What are the 20 unspoken rules about living in America ?

Hey When you’re pulled over by a cop, hands on the wheels at all times, it doesn’t matter what race you are, you’re gonna want to keep your hands on the wheel.
When entering an American’s house, ask whether or not you can keep your shoes on. 70% are fine with it, but many whites and Asians have a habit of taking one’s shoes off before coming in.
We use the English measurement system, though most people have an understanding of the metric system, but keep in mind that some don’t so keep that in mind.
Coffee is a cheap way to raise morale. Late for work? Bring in some coffee and you could dampen the sting of your lateness.

Holidays aren’t exactly universal, many people celebrate the smaller ones, such as Cinco De Mayo and All Saint's Day.

In this country “football” is “soccer” it doesn’t go well for someone calling soccer “football”.
Also, American football is more popular than regular football, like far, far more popular. (Only here, obviously)

Don’t like American Football? Baseball might be more your speed for topics of conversation.
Americans are more open than most people, sometimes being quiet can be a sign of disapproval, so be vocal when you can.

If your English is bad, your only hope is Spanish. If you’re visiting the south west, it might be a good idea to know a few words.

Don’t know something? ask. Ask. ASK. Americans like helping people, even strangers, to the point they get angry if they can’t help you.

Tip 10, 15, or 20% on your meals depending on your service, 10 for bare minimum, 15 for fair, 20% for good service.

Americans talk differently by region, keep that in mind if you’re checking out ALL of america.
Don’t burn trash randomly, It’s strongly frowned upon.

Don’t hunt or fish without a license, otherwise it’s poaching and you’ll get a ticket if caught.
Believe that epstein was murdered. he didn’t kill himself.

Mcdonald’s restaurants are your north star, need Wifi? directions? a bathroom? Go to a McDonald's, they are everywhere. If not a McDonald's, a Starbucks will suffice.

Buy the cheapest version of gas unless your car has specific needs. Premium gas is a fucking ripoff.
The best energy drink here is monster.
Best large chain burger joint is 5 guys.
Update 1: WOW, how did this answer get 100,000 views in 20 hours, Jesus I should do more 4 AM writing on quora more often I’ll add in a few more soon

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