What are the different products of google AdSense

What are the different products of google AdSense?

Many of you will know what Google Adsense is, but there will be many people who do not have any information about the different products of Adsense. Through the Google AdSense program, it provides publishers the opportunity to monetize all types of online contents. So that they can get the right wages of their labor. Whether you have a content website, or a mobile app, or a gaming site or a video hosting site, everything can be monetized using different products of Google Adsense.

If we talk about time first then Google used to have separate service for mobiles. But later Google stopped the AdSense service of mobile ads, because content ads can be optimized which supports smartphone devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Now one thing is clear from this that all types of contents cannot be monetized with just one Adsense account. Therefore, it is very important to know what are the different products of Google Adsense and how and where they can be used. So today I thought that why should you people also be introduced to other products of Adsense so that people know about it and you can use them accordingly.

What are the different products of google adsense?

Now let's know about all the different products of Google Adsense.

1. What is AdSense for Content

Adsense for Content means Adsense Account for Online Contents. Any publisher who has a website can apply for AdSense program and can start making money for their online content. Since Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world, it can easily fetch crores of advertisers for its publishers to deliver high paying ads to its publishers. For this, you need some decent traffic in your site and your site should follow AdSense policies. In such a situation, Google's Adsense approval will be easily available on your site.

What are the benefits of AdSense for Content?

Let us now know in terms of all the benefits of Adsense for Content.

1.1. Too much Earning Potential
Publishers will never have a shortage of advertisers due to Google's high reach. Along with having better and higher paying advertisers, there will be a huge increase in the earning potential of the publishers. Google provides advertiser’s amount of around 68% to its publishers. This greatly benefits the publisher.

1.2. You can manage your own ads
You have all the means available to manage ads. You can choose yourself what type of ads will be displayed in your web pages. Apart from this you can place them wherever you want. If you want, you can also block any ads, if you feel that it is not right for your visitors and can also customize the ads.

1.3. You can also monitor AdSense performance
If you want, you can also see all the reports of your site in details. You can see that the ads from the cones are working for you and the ads in the pages from the cones are not working properly. With this you can also replace them with suitable content and can also increase your revenue.

1.4. It is completely Hassle Free
AdSense is really a hassle free program in which you do not have to sell anything to anyone, do not have to install anything nor have any contracts to work. Just once it is approved and setup, then you can easily earn good money per month. So what is the delay, apply Google Adsense now and get approval.

2. What is AdSense for Search

Through AdSense for search, it allows users to search the web directly using your web pages. For this, all you have to do is place an AdSense for search box in your site and from this you can easily generate earnings with ad clicks that your users do in search results pages.

If you have a content site, then you can use the free Custom Search Engine product in your AdSense account so that it will provide better Google search results to the users as well as targeted search ads. If you are operating a search based site, then you can use Custom Search Ads with your own search results. By using both AdSense for Content and Search box together, you will see a good increase in your revenue.

What are the benefits of AdSense for Search?

Let us know more about all the benefits of Adsense for Search.

2.1. Increase in earning potential
Google collects about 51% of the amount that it collects from advertisers, it provides you with a revenue sharing model in AdSense for Search Ads. Let us understand this with an example. An advertiser pays $ 1 for a click, so when someone clicks on an ad, using the Google Search box that is placed in your site, Google gives you only $ 0.51 for it and the rest is $ 0.49. Keeps it with you.

2.2. You can manage AdSense for Search Box

Choose your site - Choose only the site you want to include in search results. Here you only get options to choose your site, a collection of sites or the whole web.
You have to customize the look and also enhance the feel of the search box - for this, you have to choose the right colors and add those ads to the correct location with it.
Host Option - In this you can choose whether you want to host the results of your site or you want Google to host it for you.
3. What is AdSense for Games

This is a very good product from Google that allows you to show video ads, image ads and text ads to your users in your HTML5 online games so that you can earn a significant amount of revenue. In AdSense for games, it uses Google's Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK, a technology that helps you to request ads in your games.

Almost all the leading gaming publishers in the world use these IMA SDKs to request and display in-game ads. If you want to use AdSense for games, then you will need to be technically proficient in ActionScript and maintain ensured that you are aware of all the terms of IMA.

Apart from this, you will have to get some information in some other topics as well:

1. You can only integrate AdSense for games into web-based Flash games.

2. All your Content family should be safe and it should be targeted for people aged 13 years and above.

3. It is very important to have this information with you so that you can track back all embed destinations and you must have full control of the game's distribution.

4. You must have legal rights to monetize the game.

Let's know what type of ads types the Google IMA SDK supports.

Pre-roll: It is a linear ad which is played before the content.
Mid-roll: It is a linear ad which is played in the central part of the content.
Post-roll: It is a linear ad which is played in the last part of the content.

4. What is AdSense for Videos?

Through AdSense for Video, it allows publishers to display viewer-friendly video advertising in their video sites. Publishers can earn revenue by displaying in-stream video ads, flash overlay ads, and text overlay ads.

Let us know about some benefits of video ads

You can monetize your video site by placing inline video ads.
With this you can get in touch with many variety global and local video advertisers from all over the world.
With this, you can easily manage your Video Ads.

5. Blogger

As we all know that Blogger is a free platform from Google which offers publishers to write and publish content. The best thing in this is that you can integrate it automatically with Blogger with AdSense account and you can easily earn money from your post.

6. YouTube

Google allows you to monetize your videos as well as Blogger, which are hosted on YouTube. You can easily monetize those videos, just you have to take approval of Adsense Account for this. And if you meet all the terms and conditions of YouTube then you can earn a lot from it.

7. What is AdMob for Publishers

AdMob is an additional product offered by Google except Adsense. AdMob is used to show inline ads in mobile app. With this you can easily integrate into your Android Apps and earn a significant amount.

Now then you must have understood that Google gives you an opportunity to show advertisements in your online content in all possible ways. Therefore, I recommend you that if you want, you can create a website or an app for yourself and can get a lot of traffic in a short time, after which you can also apply for an AdSense account. Once approved, once you can display ads in your site according to Adsense Policies.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. If you liked this article or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.

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