what extent do white nationalism and American exceptionalism overlap?

Not really much at all.

sure, you will have “that guy” that says something about the greatness of the USA and says some bad things about someone’s genetic lineage, but that doesn’t hold up in the logic of said correlation

America is a country that embraces these basic principles, regardless of what you see in the news, this is how the country works day to day.

All humans born on American soil are moral equals. A white human is just as American as a black human, there is no genetic formula for being an American.
A person’s value is not determined by their skin color.
The only race in America is American. We fly the same flag and speak the same language, watch the same movies, fall in love with the same people, eat at the same restaurants.
You might doubt this, but this is how life is in America, we have problems with racism, sure, but this is the universal doctrine of our law and society, and it is almost completely universal with the thoughts of the average citizen.

You aren’t a real American Exceptionalist if you degrade 25% of what makes america great. You don’t have America without Snoop Dogg, Ben Carson, Barack Obama, and literally millions of our brothers and sisters that bring greatness to this country. You hate a 1/4 of America? Then you’re clearly only 3/4 of a real american, and less since cowardice and hatred aren’t very American at all….

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