What is Bluestacks how to earn money with BlueStacks

What is Bluestacks how to earn money with BlueStacks

, In this post we will go into detail about making money from Bluestacks Affiliate Program.
Bluestacks affiliate program is an easy and great way to earn money because it is very easy to do this job, no technical knowledge is required.
You can earn good money with Bluestacks. If you do this work for 2 hours to 4 hours a day, you can earn from $ 10 to $ 50 easily.
Before knowing how to make money from this affiliate program, you need to know about it, so know a little information about Bluestacks.

What is Bluestacks?

This is a computer software with the help of which you can enjoy all applications of mobile on computer or laptop.
In easy language, we can say that Bluestacks Software is a software providing all the features of mobile in computer or laptop.

With this help, all the applications available in the Google Play Store can be used from a computer or laptop easily.
Like- playing Android Mobile Games on computer, running facebook from facebook app, running whatsaap in computer etc.

This softwafe is available in different versions for all operating systems, so you can easily use this software in any OS.

How to use Bluestacks in Computer or Laptop

To use it in a computer or laptop, you just have to install Bluestacks Software by choosing the version according to the OS of your computer or laptop.

To download and install this software in a computer or laptop, the following steps have to be followed.

Step # 1- First of all go to the official website. (https://www.bluestacks.com)

Step # 2- After that, according to the operating system of the computer or laptop, the version of the software has to be downloaded and selected.

Note- This software is also available for MAC, so you can use this software easily in MAC as well.

Step # 3- After downloading the software, you have to run and install the software in a computer or laptop.

Step # 4- Once the software is installed, you can open Bluestacks and take advantage of installing android applications.

Now you understand what Bluestacks is and how it works. Now, let us understand the method of making money from this software below.

How to earn money from Bluestacks affiliate program

As you have read above it is very easy to earn money from Bluestacks affiliate program and without any technical knowledge you can earn money using it.

Bluestacks Affiliate program is exactly like Refferal programs, in which you have to share the links logo of Bluestacks Android applications and if anyone downloads the application through your link, you get its money.

This task is very easy but there is a problem in this task that the application you send from the links can be installed only in a computer or laptop for which Bluestacks software should be installed in his computer and less knowledge about this software. Due to this less people use it.

People have to download Bluestacks software first, which is more than 1 GB in size, so very few people download it.

But the person who is already using Bluestack in a computer or laptop, can download and install the Android application from the links you send, you will get money soon after the install.

So it is better to search for those who have Bluestacks installed in their computer or laptop.

To earn money from Bluestacks, you have to follow some easy steps below.

Step # 1- First of all you have to signup for Bluestacks Affiliate Program.

After clicking Signup, you have to sign in through Google account.

Step # 2- After signing in, personal information has to be given such as name, address, mobile number etc. and click the NPR button next.

Step # 3- Next step, you have to give the link of your website, blog, YouTube, Channel, twitter account or twitter profile and information of one month's traffic. Where you want to earn money by reffere the logo bluestack applications.

Step # 4- In this step you will have to tell which country gets more traffic on your blog, website, YouTube channel, twitter page or twitter account. And click on the next button below.

Step # 5- In this step, you will tell that they have received the request of your affiliate account, which the team of Bluestacks will check and approve your account.

You have to wait till your account is approve and as soon as your account becomes active by approve, you can login by logging into the account and promoting by copying the links of the apps.

All the people who download the apps through your links, you will get money in the account, which you can transfer to your bank account through Paypal.

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