What is domain name how it work full information

What is domain name how it work full information

: Whenever you have searched any website, then you must have encountered the domain name. This thing must have come in your mind, what is the relationship between any website and domain name. So, let me tell you that with the help of Domain Name, we can search the website in the Internet. We can say that this is a friendly naming system from which we can give the address of any Web Pages and Web Servers.

I know that you guys will also have some information about what is a domain, that's why I thought that today I should give you complete information about the domain name so that there is no other problem among you. So, let's start the delay and know what Aakir domain names are and know how it works.

What is domain

Domain Name or DNS (Domain Naming System) is a nomenclature by which we can identify a website in the Internet. Talking about any website, all are connected to some IP address in the background. IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) This is a numerical address that tells Browser where in the Internet that website is present.

In easy language, we humans remember only easy things, in the same way all websites also have a name, so now you can think that Domain Name is the easy name that we can remember of an IP address Than. This is a human readable version of IP address.

With the help of domain name, we can find one or more IP addresses. For example, domain name google.com refers to hundreds of IPs. Domain Name is also used in URLs to search for a particular webpage.

How Domain Names Work

I want to tell you that all the websites are hosted or stored in a server. And the Domain Name is the IP point of that server.

Whenever you add the name of a website to your URL bar, only then it points to the IP of your server with the help of your domain name, so that you can see your searched website in your browser. In the same way you can see the website.

Type of domain

If seen, the Domain Names are very different, but today I will tell you about them in all the ways which are very important. So that whenever you choose a domain name, you will have great ease in its choice.

1. TLD - Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains (TLD) is also known as Internet Domain Extension. This is the last part where the domain name ends. Part after dot. It was first developed. With the help of this domain, you can easily rank your website. It is very SEO friendly. And it also gives more importance to Google Search Engine.

example with TLD Extension from which anyone can buy

.com (commercial)
.org (organization)
.net (network)
gov (government)
.edu (education)
.name (name)
.biz (business)
.info (information)

2. CcTLD - Country Code Top Level Domains

This type of domain is used to keep a particular country in view. It is named on the basis of the two letter ISO CODE of a country. For example, some important Domain Extensions are given.

.us: United States
.in: India
.ch: Switzerland
.cn: China
.ru: Russia
.br: Brazil
What is Subdomain Name

You must have known what the domain is, but the subdomain is a fraction of your main domain name. The subdomain is not purchased. If you have purchased any Top Level Domains Name, then you can divide it into Subdomain Names. Like online1help.com is my TLD Name and I can Divide it in online1help.com and English.online1help.com. It is absolutely free, for this, you do not have to pay any Charge.

By the way, there are other types of Domain Names, but on common terms, we do not use them to create Blog / Website. In a very important thing, let me tell you that you can buy Domains Name in Hindi also.

Note: Mainly all American Servers use three-letter top level domains (e.g. ".com", ".edu"). But other countries use only two letters or combinations of two letters other than America. (eg ".au", ".ca", ".co.jp").

Domain name and URL not identical

If we talk tecnically, the domain name is a small part of the big internet address which is called "URL". In the URL, we can find many things compared to the Domain Name, such as specific page address, folder name, machine name, and protocol language.

top Domain Name Provider List

If you want to create a website for yourself or for your business, you can also buy domain name yourself, but for that you will have to buy a new and unique domain name by registering an account in the domain with a good domain name service provider. Below I have given a list of some top Domain Providers for your convenience. You can choose any of these.

EWeb Guru
Note: ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an organization that authorizes these Domain Providers to sell Domain Names.

How to create a domain name

Always choose Short Domain Name which is easy to remember.
Keep a domain name that is easy to remember, type and speak.
The domain name is not similar to any other and if it is unique enough, you can easily brand it.
Do not keep special characters like hyphen and numbers as possible in this name.
Always try to get the Top Level Domains so that everyone in the whole world knows.
Your domain name should be related or similar to your business or business profile, this will make you easy to build a brand.
In Akir, I want to tell you that Domain Name should always be a small and easy to remember address. The correct technical address of the server is IP (Internet Protocol Address)

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