What is an internet cookies

What is an internet cookies

User information is stored through cookies. Normally, when the user visits a website, there is no information of the pass of the Web Server. But it is possible to store any user's information through cookies.
A cookie is a simple text file. Whenever a user visits a website, his Information Cookies are saved as a text file. This information is saved in the user's computer. Whenever the user makes a request for that website back in future, the cookie of that user is also sent to the Webserver along with the user's request.

In this way the web server receives the information of that user. Based on this information, the webserver gets to know about the preferences of that user. Also, based on this information, the web server can also make the necessary changes in the web pages.

how cookies work
Just like you are using the flipkart.com website on your computer, flipkart.com will create a file related to what you have bought and seen on flipkart.com and what you have seen in Internet Browser's Catch Memory. We will go to the store and next time you go to flipkart.com, flipkart.com will show the product related to the product that you have purchased and seen before and will also save your User Id as well. The task of cookies is only to bring the last activity of the website back to you.

Types of Cookies
There are many types of cookies and all cookies have different functions -
Session cookies
Persistent cookies
Secure Cookies
Http only cookies

session cookies
A Session Cookies is a cookies set for the duration of the current Browser Session. Browser session runs until Browser is closed by the user. Once the Browser is closed, the session ends and cookies are deleted. The next time the user wants to log in on the website, they will have to enter their information again to start a new session.
A common use of a session cookies is for a shopping cart. As long as the user keeps the Browser on, then the Shopping Cart will be Saved. The user can browse that site further or even go to other sites and come back and Shopping Cart can come and see any Shopping Cart item again.
Persistent Cookies

A Persistent Cookies is a data file capable of providing information for the user's preferences, settings, and future visits. Persistent Cookies provide convenient and fast access to familiar objects that enhances the user's Experienc. A Persistent Cookies are also known as Stored or Permanent Cookie.
Secure Cookies
A Secure Cookies works with HTTP / HTTPS. Which is known as HTTP Only Cookie. These cookies are used only for HTTP requests.

How to block cookies and delete them
For security reasons that you think are correct, cookies can be disabled or deleted and this varies according to the Internet browser.
Internet explorer
You can use the following steps to delete cookies in Internet Explorer -

Step 1 - Press the Start button.
Step 2 - Click on the control panel.
Step 3 - Double click on the Internet option.
Step 4 - Under General tab you click Delete Temporary Files, History, Cookies, Saved Passwords ... Click Delete.
Step 5 - Now you will see Delete Browsing History Dialog Box Click on Cookies 

Step 6 - Now click on the delete button under the dialog box.
Step 7 - Now you will be taken back to the Internet Properties Dialog Box Click on OK.

The more popular a browser is, the more likely it is to be targeted for spyware or malware infections.

Step 1 - Look at the top end of your Firefox window and now you will see a Firefox button. Click on it and click on Options.
Step 2 - Now click on Privacy.
Step 3 - Now you will see that Firefox will set it to use custom settings for history.
Step 4 - Now click on the Show Cookies button on the right.

Step 5 - If you want to delete cookies set by different sites, then enter the full domain or partial domain name of the site you want to manage in the search field. Your search will retrieve the list of cookies set for that site. Now click on Remove Cookie

Step 6 - If you want to delete all cookies, click at the top of the Firefox window and click the Firefox button. Now click on the History menu and select 'Everything' for 'Clear Letter History ...' for the Time Range to Clear option, now click on the downward arrow next to Description. This will open the list of items. Now click on 'Cookie' and make sure all other items are unselected. Click the On Clear Now button at the bottom. Now close your Clear Recent History window.

You can use the following steps to delete cookies in Chrome -
Step 1 - First click on the Chrome icon on the top right hand side of your browser toolbar.
Step 2 - Now click on Settings.
Step 3 - Now scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings.
Step 4 - Now under Privacy you will see Content Settings, click on it.

Step 5 - Now under cookies you will see All Cookies and Site Data, click on it. Please note that you can block cookies completely by clicking Block from setting any data on your browser. Unfortunately many websites that you browse will stop working on doing this. It is better if you periodically manually delete your cookies from time to time instead of preventing them from being set by your browser.

Step 6 - Now you will see the complete list of all your cookies. You can click on REMOVE ALL to delete all your cookies or you can choose a particular website and delete your cookies from that site.

You can use the following steps to delete cookies in Safari -
Step 1 - Open Safari first.
Step 2 - Now click on Safari and then click on Privacy on Preference.
Step 3 - Now click on Details.
Step 4 - Now you will see a list of websites that store cookies. Now you can delete individual sites by clicking on the Remove button and selecting the site. If you want to delete all cookies, click on Remove All.
Step 5 - When you are finished removing the sites, click on Done.

You can use the following steps to delete cookies in Opera -
Step 1 - First click on 'Settings' at the top of Opera browser.
Step 2 - Now click on Preferences and choose Advanced.
Step 3 - Now select Cookies in Advanced screen
Step 4 - At this point, you can choose one of three options -
Step 4.1 - Accept All Cookies This is the default setting.
Step 4.2 - Accept cookies only from the sites you visit.
Step 4.3 - Never accept cookies.
Step 5 - Select Delete New Cookies while 

exiting Opera. Select this option if you want to use a specific website but do not want to keep any cookies for that site between your visits. It is often not a good idea to use this option for the sites you visit.

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