What is Netflix and how to use it

What is Netflix and how to use it?

In today's article, we will talk about what is Netflix and how to use it? about. If you want to watch Netflix movies but you do not know about it, then you are reading the right post, here you will get full knowledge of it. So let's know,

Everyone is obsessed with watching movies online and most people prefer to watch movies online through the Internet in their mobiles and computers.

There are many websites on the Internet that not only provide online streaming service but also provide the facility of downloading movies.

The advantage of this is that audiences can download the movie and watch it offline later when the time is available. Netflix is ​​one such website.

What is netflix? 

Netflix is ​​a streaming service on which you can watch TV shows and movies. It is the largest On Demand Video Streaming Service company in the world.
It started 22 years ago in 1997, when it was only a subscription base DVD service that provided DVDs directly. Netflix launched its streaming service in 2007.
Now it has become the world's top media services provider and producer. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. The entertainment content present in it can be enjoyed by taking its subscription.
For some years, its services have also become available in India. On this you can watch your favorite movies, television shows and other videos as per your convenience.

Apart from TV Shows, Netflix has its own Netflix.com website which you can use to watch videos on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
Netflix has been made available for all types of screens in many other countries including India. TV, Mobile, Laptop. Apart from computer, its Android app and iOs app is also available.
Where you have to buy its subscription plan on the website, to run this service on television, a separate device like an Xbox 360 has to be installed.
How to download Netflix App?
What is Netflix? You must have known this, let's now know what Netflix is.

If you want to watch movies or other videos on it using Netflix, then you have to download the app like Hotstar.

Follow the steps below to download the Netflix app,

First of all open the Play store in your mobile.
Then search by typing "Netflix".
Now click on the Install button.
Now the Netflix app will be your Smartphone Download & Install in no time. After that you can start using it.

How to use netflix?
How To use Netflix, you have to sign up on it and create an account. Only after that you can use it.

Here I am telling you step by step with screenshot about registering on Netflix. Follow these steps to use Netflix.

Step 1) Visit on Netflix Website

First of all, you have to go to its Netflix.com website.
Then click on the TRY IT NOW button.

Step 2) Choose your Plan

Click on the Plans button.

Step 3) Choose the plan that's right for you

Choose one of the plans from Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium according to you.
Then click on the Continue button.

Here I explain a little about Netflix plans so that you can have easy choice of plans.

Mobile: In this you will get to see Unlimited movies and TV Shows, which you can only see in mobile phone and tablet.
Basic: In this, apart from the mobile plan, you will get extra service to watch on laptop and TV.
Standard: It has HD available service and you have the convenience of viewing in 2 screens simultaneously, the rest is like the basic plan.
Premium: In addition to all the features of standard plan, Ultra hd available and 4 screen simultaneous video viewing service has been provided.
Apart from these, all plans include Cancel anytime service, that is, you can cancel your plan whenever you want.

You have to choose the plan according to your need. Also you have to take care of your budget. Choose only the plan of your need so that extra money is not wasted.

Step 4) Create your Account

After listening to your plan, next step will come to create your account. That is, now you have to create your Netflix account.

To create an account, click on the Continue button.

Step 5) Sign up to start your membership

Enter your email address and password.
Then click on the Continue button.

Step 6) Setup your credit or debit card

Right here, you have to fill your Full Name and Credit or Debit Card details. Only then can you start Netflix membership.

First Name: Enter your First Name.
Last Name: Enter your Last Name.
Card Number: Insert your card number in it.
Expiry Date: Enter the expiry date of your card.
Security Code: Enter the CVV Code of your card in it.

After filling all the information correctly, tick I agree and click on the Start Membership button. After that you will be asked the following 2 questions.

Will You Watch On Any Other Devices: In which device you want to watch Netflix video.
Who Will Be Watching Netflix: Who will watch the details of who will watch here.
Select the device in the first one and enter your name in the second one, after that you have to click on Continue.

Select the device in the first one and enter your name in the second one, after that you have to click on Continue.

This way you can create an account on Netflix. Now you have learned the account on Netflix, now only you have to use it.
To use Netflix, you should go to its website and login with your email ID, and if you are a mobile user, then open its app in your phone and login.

After that you can easily start watching Netflix TV Shows, Movies.

Netflix Free Plan or Free Trial
Netflix offers a one month free plan for its audience but this offer is not available in India right now. You can learn more about it in its About page.
Netflix free trial is not available in India but Netflix is ​​the world's largest on-demand video streaming service and is used by millions of people in India.
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