What is a ZIP File and how to create it

What is a ZIP File and how to create it?

There will be many of you who do not know what this ZIP file is, why do people use ZIP files, how does this ZIP file work and what are the types of ZIP files. Even then there is nothing because today in this article we will get information about what is a zip file.

You have often seen the option of zip to download movies on the website of big movies or software on the website of big movies, but due to lack of information, you do not download the zip file at all, whereas this file is very useful for you. And data saves.

Nowadays, as technology is increasing and now 4G has also come, so people now easily download big movies, software and games. Today, even though mobile data is not a problem, but still people do not download large files, because the problem is of device storage or space.

But if you are short of storage or space, then you download the zip file, because it takes less space and is also safe. So if you have given the option to download the zip file on the website, then you should also download the same file. Let us know what is a ZIP file, how does it work and what are its types?

What is zip file

Zip is a system that packs one or more computer files into a file or folder that takes less space and is smaller in size than the original file. The zip file is also called an "Archive" file.

The purpose of the zip file is to eliminate our space and storage problems and to protect the files together. Storing files in zip files makes it easier to store and transfer files. The zip file is compress so it takes less space.

The zip file extension is usually .ZIP. The biggest feature of a zip file is that you can also put a password on it, so that your file remains safe. Due to the low size, you can easily share it on the Internet.

Why use zip file

The zip file compresses the data, which reduces its size and can also be uploaded to the Internet easily. It can even be attached to an email. In both Internet and Email, zip file is stored in less time due to less space.

Its biggest advantage is that if you download a zip folder, you will get all kinds of files. For example, a zip file of games, movies, software, etc. can be created and you can easily download it in a single file, so that you will get all the useful things in one file.

Apart from this, if you have very large files and are used only occasionally, then you can also compress them in a zip file, which will also reduce your space and if the files are more important then you Password can also be applied.

How zip files work

Typically a zip file bundles a lot of files into one container and reduces its size as much as possible. This can be reduced to 90%. Whenever you compress files, the compression program of the zip file scans these files and compresses the information into small pieces. When you unzip these files, it brings these files back to the original form.

zip file types

There are many types of ZIP file like RAR, ARJ, TAR etc. Their work is the same, just the compression method is different.

How to create zip file

To create your own ZIP file, first copy the files you want to compress into a folder. After that right click on the folder and click on Add To Archive. After this, new Windows will come in which you can make changes according to your wish and Ok, your file will start compressing and will be compress and convert to ZIP file in a while.

How to Unzip ZIP File ko

WinZIP, WinRar, 7-ZIP etc. software is used to zip files. It is necessary to have any one of these software to create and open the zip file. To use these softwares, you must first install them in your system.


After reading this post, you must have known very well what is a zip file, why do people use it, how does it work, what is the type of zip file, how do they make it and what are the ways to create a zip file Which software is used.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something. Hopefully you have got all the information related to the ZIP file. However, if you want to ask anything, you can ask in the comment box. If you like this post, please share it with your friends on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.

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