What to do before publishing a blog post

What to do before publishing a blog post

I think that most content creators must have got this question that when they have written their blog post completely, then what should they take care of before publishing it. Almost all bloggers must have worried about their post publish at some time.

It is justified that when we write a good content, then we are in a hurry to publish it as soon as possible. Like we think how soon we can post that post and take a breath, but here we forget the very important thing that if we give a little bit of attention and attention to some things then we can make our post more good Can make it and can reach it to maximum people very easily.

Before that, let me discuss this with you more and let's do some confessions first:

1. You are so excited to publish your content that you are unable to press that publish button.

2. You are thinking that you have given your best in this post and there is no way to make it any better.

3. You want to publish it soon because you believe that doing more quality check will only be a waste of time.

How would you feel if I say that this new post of yours could have become even better and could reach more people if you did not give much importance to publish but instead optimize it well in its place.

Writing a very good post (writing part) is one-third part and two-thirds have to optimize it properly, so that if anyone reads it, it will stun them. In this post here, I will tell you about some effective methods that I use myself and which you can use yourself, so that the number of your readers themselves will increase manifold.

What to do before publishing a blog post?

Some tips such as doing image optimization in the right way, doing on-page SEO in a good way, using social meta tags, and writing author BIO in a good way. Today we will know in full detail about some such methods, which will prove to be very helpful in your blogs later.

1) How to create your first draft and how to increase your last words

Note that if you have to prepare a very good content that is valuable to your readers, even if you want to make it popular also. But for this, it is very important to have a visionary. Writing your first draft correctly is not so easy.

You have to give time for this. A research has found that a good article requires at least 6-8 hours, and then it has the potential to go viral. And if you have made your draft, then you have to take special care of some things, about which we will learn further.

Check the things given here a little better:

1. Proofread your article: Keep your article as grammar mistake-free as possible, and also remove spelling mistakes. Because a small spelling mistake can spoil your online reputation. Most editors such as MS word work very well by auto-suggesting you and you can remove your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. But still there are some flaws in them that other paid software like Grammarly which also find even the smallest mistake.

2. Like I said earlier that you should use a professional grammar checker like Grammarly. It has many advantages such as it is a good grammatical errors detector, it also catches plagiarism, it also provides human proof reading services.

3. You can ask people not related to Blogging: It often happens that when we get connected with this blogging industry then we cannot see our own mistakes and ignore it.

But if any other readers are not related to the blogging of that article, then they can easily see all the mistakes in your article, with this, if the tone of your article is not correct then that too is known. So you can take good advantage of this thing.

2) SEO is not finished yet. Nor Keyword Targeting

You can be a very big brand. Your product can be very helpful for people. But when it comes to your blog, then you have to target some keywords, so that search traffic will always come on your blog. People will keep coming to your blog only from their search.

It should be noted that it is only organic traffic that increases the value of your brand because if people come to search about products related to your search engine, then the visibility of your brand increases even more. .

So if you have targeted some keywords on your blog, then people will automatically start coming from search results on your blog. There are many good brands that do not pay much attention to SEO, due to which they have to bear heavy losses.

3) Add Relevant Links to Article

It is very essential to add the necessary links on your blog post. This is such as providing communication facilities to a lost man in an unfamiliar place. This gives them direction. In the same way, it makes it easier for the search bots to communicate in your article.

For your information, I have told about some types of links further, definitely read it, I hope that you will benefit a lot.

a) Internal Links

These are called links that connect one page to another page in a website with the help of hyperlinks. Here both domains (source and target) are same.

Internal links work to pass SEO juice to other older posts and rank new posts easily. These reduce the bounce rates of Blog by providing relevant information of good additional pages to the readers. Internal links work like SEO friendly backlinks in your blog.

check So before publishing the post, check whether all the interlinks have been linked correctly or not. And link new articles with old ranked articles.

b) External Links

These links are called where the two web pages which are of separate blogs are connected among themselves. Here both source domain and target domain are different. External links help you to give information about relevant information in your posts. With this, it increases the relevancy of your content significantly in the eyes of Search Bots because they see good content in your posts.

For example, if you are writing an article about the Olympics, while you have not given a single link to its official site, then your article will be considered irrelevant.


Note that you have given all the attributes such as images sources, Wikipedia citations, and links to other authority sites correctly, so that you will get good SEO juice.
With this, if you are using affiliate links in your blog, then you can make them more attractive by shortening them in place of their bad-looking links.

4) Correcting image optimization:

They say that an attractive picture tells thousands of words. In the same way, images in Blogging are also responsible for many SEO factors. If the images have been optimized well then they can bring a lot of traffic with them.

With this, images also become a symbol of your brand’s if it is used correctly. Moreover, good images prompt most people to share them on social media, it is very important for the publicity of your blog.


Try to insert at least one image in your blog post.
It is very important to have alt tags correctly in your images. Alt tags are called words or descriptions that allow bots to understand that image. They know what those images are about.
Change the title name of your image to provide a better name.
Add images that reflect your brand. You can also use many free sites and tools to do this.

5) Do check your Search Engine Meta Tags

Your meta data is like your ad copy. So you have to take special care that whatever content you are writing in your meta data should be completely correct. So try to keep your meta data under 155 characters and your post title under 55 characters.

You can easily go more than this, but it will not be displayed in search results. You can use WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your blog posts.

6) Optimize your posts for Social Shares

We all know that social shares will increase the reach of our post to a great extent. For this, you have to optimize your posts so that maximum audience will social share your posts. Keep in mind that social media strategy should be executed for all bloggers ..

The share buttons must be added at the beginning and ending of your posts.
If you like writing long content then you must add floating social share bar to your post. It also has social share buttons for mobile readers.
The meta data of your blog should be optimized according to twitter and Facebook. With this you should also add twitter cards so that your twitter audience will also increase significantly.
You can also use automatic publishing tools that will schedule your posts so that you can easily interact with your audience in your busy schedule.
Bonus Tip: If you are a content marketer, then you must include a 3 minute long video in your blog posts because it will greatly increase the reach of your content.

7) Make attractive BIO

If you are a solo blogger then you can write an attractive author bio for yourself. Which will better represent people about your subject. And if you have a brand, then it is very important to give the right credit to your authors, because by doing this they too will get an identity of their own. With this you should also add their twitter handle and other social buttons so that other readers can connect with them in personal level.

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what you should do before publishing a blog post, and I hope you have understood about Content Publish. I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that there will be awareness among us and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. What should you do before publishing this article? Tell us how you felt by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn from your ideas and improve something.

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