How to earn money from youTube channel 5 tips & tricks

How to earn money from youTube channel 5 tips & tricks

How to earn money from YouTube Channel: Friends, in this article today, we are going to tell you about 5 ways that you can make money using YouTube Channel.

How to make money with youtube channel

In today's era, almost everyone uses Android Phones and most of them wonder whether they can make money by using their phone? Now if you too are thinking this, then let us tell you that you too can earn money from YouTube Channel. For which you will need videos, which you can create using your talent.

You can make videos on the work you are expert in, or on whatever work you are interested in, and you can earn money by uploading them on YouTube. There are many ways to earn money here, but by using the 5 methods we are telling you, you will be able to earn good money.

5 ways to earn money from YouTube Channel

01. Monetization

You can monetize videos by uploading them to YouTube, so that YouTube shows ads on your videos and you get a revenue for which you earn.

Today on YouTube all YouTubers are making good money by using Monetization Facility, but some people used this work and started uploading videos which caused the advertisers to retreat on YouTube, the result benefiting both Creates and YouTube In order to fix this, YouTube has taken a big step and has changed the policy of monetization.

Now if you want to monetize YouTube videos, then your YouTube channel should have 4000 Hours of Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers after which YouTube will review your Channel and Videos and if your Channel is Advertiser Friendly then only they approve your Channel. .

02. Affiliate Marketing

Videos can be made on any topic, so if a product has to be promoted, then videos are the best option, which you can take advantage of. In which you can promote and sell the product of a company or website on YouTube, by which the company pays you according to your Sell.

In this way, you first see the related products from your topic, which you can easily promote, after that you have to see which company or website that sells the products of that type.

Because all companies want that if they sell more then they offer Affiliate Program, you can join their Affiliate Program, after which you can Promote on YouTube by removing Affiliate Link of the Product you want to Promote. By which people buy the product by clicking on that link.

In this way you can promote and sell any product very easily and earn money. This method is very popular on YouTube and many people make good money using this method.

03. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the most popular and useful way to earn money on YouTube, so that you can earn a lot of money in a short period of time, but for this you must first create an identity on YouTube because any company sponsors the same person who has more There are followers.

To get a Normally Sponsorship you must have at least 5000 Subscribers and your videos should have at least 1000 Views, only then a company gives you sponsorship.

Today, almost all Technical YouTubers who are popular on YouTube earn the most through sponsorship.

Note: By getting videos like Gadgets, Review, Tips & Tricks on your channel to get sponsorship, you get sponsorship too quickly.

04. Paid Promotion

In this way, you can promote anyone by taking money, in addition there are some websites that you can join and they send you products etc., so that you can make a review video of that product, here are two important things it occurs.

1. Many companies can ask you to tell only good things about their product and 2. You should have at least 5000 Subscribers.

In sponsorship too many times, the company only tells you to tell good things, Personally we will suggest you that before reviewing any product, you should clearly tell the company that you will only do the review and whatever you need that Proudct It seems that you will tell all the things in your video, in which a lot of company will refuse to review, but your image will be clear on YouTube, so that you will start getting the right offs.

05. Promote your Own Business

Now suppose you have a business, then you can also earn good money by promoting your business, in addition, if you develop something online such as Blog, Website, Logo, Channel Art or Image etc. then you can also promote them. can do.

By which you start to find such people very soon, who do not have knowledge of that thing and they get you to design them, today many people on YouTube make good money by making websites etc., then it is also a good job which That you can do through YouTube.

In Conclusion

The 5 ways we have told about all these methods are very useful, and today millions of people are making money by using them, you can also make money from Tipcs YouTube Channel by using your talent and knowledge.

Now, if you have any other question in this topic, then you can ask us in the Comment Box and if you have not yet subscribed to Tech by RS Website, then definitely make sure that you keep getting information about our latest post.

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