How to Recover suspended from YouTube Channel

How to Recover suspended from YouTube Channel 

Suspended YouTube Channel- YouTube Channel Suspension / Termination is now very common on YouTube. The reason for this is the people who want to do or do wrong Earning on YouTube.
Recently YouTube has notice this thing and it is doing this to stop such things and for the safety of its advertiser. Due to which many channels are being suspended or terminate on YouTube.

If your YouTube channel is also suspended or terminated, then there may be some reason behind it that you do not know or you are committing a mistake that YouTube has notices and has suspended your YouTube channel. .

If you feel that you have not made any such mistake, then you can fill a form on YouTube and maybe your YouTube channel starts again.

We already tell you that the chances of your YouTube channel being started back are only 10% but there is a chance, so you can definitely fill the form once your YouTube channel starts back again.

How to Fill Suspended YouTube Channel Form

To fill the form of Suspended YouTube Channel, you have to follow some steps For Example:

01- Open YouTube Channel Suspension / Termination Form

02- After opening the form, you enter your "Full Name" in the First box.

03- In Second Colom, you have to write "Email Address". You write the same email address with which you created your YouTube channel.

04- After this you have to enter the URL of your YouTube Channel.

In the 05-Message Box, you tell about the reason your channel is suspended, such as your YouTube Channel by Mistake or due to an error.

Write a good message so that YouTube recovers your channel, so write the message very carefully, it is very important.

06- Now you can Sumbit the form by clicking on the Button of Submit.

In one week, you get an email from YouTube whether your YouTube channel will start again or not.

What are the reasons for YouTube Channel Suspend?

Suspended YouTube Channel: There can be many reasons for YouTube Channel to be suspended, out of which we are telling some main and important Reasons here. "Suspended YouTube Channel"

Invalid Clicks

If YouTube notices that Invalid Clicks are happening on your videos, then it suspends your YouTube Channel.

So if you get Invalid Clicks on your YouTube channel and videos, do not do this at all. Because YouTube does not like these things at all, when YouTube notices that you get Invalid Clicks on your videos or ads, then YouTube suspends your channel.

Invalid Subscribers

Even if you do Invalid activity like Sub for Sub on your YouTube channel, YouTube also suspend your YouTube channel.

By doing Sub for Sub there is no use anyway because by increasing Sub for Sub you increase Subscribers on your YouTube channel, but they never watch your videos nor do they have interest in your videos.

So if you also do an activity like Sub for Sub, then we will suggest you that you do not do this at all.

copyright videos

When you upload someone else's video on your YouTube channel, it comes under copyright video, due to which YouTube can suspend your channel and the original owner of the video can complain against you, which can also cause you to jail. is.

We all understand that by downloading someone else's video, we can earn money by making some changes in it, but this is a crime. So if you do anything like this, then you should be alert and do not do this at all.

Fake Video

Many people upload videos on YouTube in which Tittle is something else, Thumbnail is also something and Video is something else. Due to which the user has a lot of problem.

YouTube also has to maintain its quality, so if you have uploaded such a video on your YouTube channel, then we would suggest you to delete those videos, because maybe your YouTube channel is also suspended. .

Invalid Tags

When many people upload videos on YouTube, they use the wrong tags while adding tags. So that his videos can get more views. It is very wrong to do so. So whenever you upload videos on YouTube, select the tags very carefully and use only the tags related to your video.

Invalid Description

While writing the description of your video, write only about your video because if you write invalid things in the description box then YouTube can suspend your channel.

Apart from the activity mentioned, there are many things that you should not do at all on your YouTube channel.
To succeed on YouTube, you need to first read YouTube's Community Guidelines thoroughly and keep in mind the points mentioned above, do not do such things at all on your YouTube Channel.

Because if you do this then YouTube will suspend your channel and your YouTube channel will not even start back.
As we mentioned above, your YouTube channel has only 10% Chances of starting back. So do not do anything that will suspend your YouTube channel.

I hope the above mentioned information will be very useful for you. If you like this post / article then do let us know in the Comment Box

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