How to upload MP3 song to youTube

How to upload MP3 song to youTube

YouTube is a very popular video sharing website on which anyone can create their own channel and share videos and watch any video and you get to know how many videos are uploaded over YouTube and throughout the day How many videos are watched? You can share a video and watch any needed video. To share videos on YouTube, many people know about sharing videos because they get information about them alone. But MP3 songs are uploaded very little on YouTube, so little is known about them. Because YouTube is only for more popular video sharing and not for audio songs.

So we have also told inside our old post how to make money by uploading videos on Youtube, how you can upload videos over YouTube from your phone or laptop, then today we will show you how to use YouTube in this post. Can upload MP3 songs above. First of all, let me tell you that it is easy to download MP3 songs from YouTube. It is very easy to upload MP3 songs over YouTube. If you have a channel above YouTube, then you need to follow some tips and you can easily do any MP3 song Can upload over YouTube. So see how to upload mp3 audio on youtube in hindi, how can you upload MP3 song over YouTube.

How to upload MP3 song to youTube
 First of all, you open and sign your Gmail Id in it.

 Now in the next window, the page of "Manage Your Youtube Account" will open, click on the Allow button.

 Now the window is open in it, you will get the option of uploading mp3 here, according to the steps given below, make the setting of the mp3 song file.

By clicking on the upload button, you will upload the photo or your audio file, here only two file formats are supported, MP3 and JPG and PNG in the photo, both these formats that you will upload the photo here as much as you have to upload the photo You can upload photos again and again by clicking on the button.

 Here you have to fill the title of the video, whatever you want to fill the name, you can do more than you wish, but the title should not be too big. And you should match your video at all, it should not be that your video is something else and you have added the title something else.

Here you have to tell the video about what this video is about, the more you tell about the video here, the more it will be good for the video and the more views of your video will also come on YouTube.
Here you have to fill the tag of the video, just like if your video is related to Punjabi Song or Hindi Song, then here you will tag Punjabi Song, New Punjabi Song.
From here, you have to set the video whether you want to make the video public or want to keep it private. If you make it private then only you will be able to watch that video and no one will be able to watch that video.

Here you have to select the size of the video, you can select the quality of HD 1280 × 720 or Full HD 1920 × 1080 here according to the quality of the photo you uploaded.
Where you have to keep category music only, if you have uploaded any music, if you have uploaded videos related to any other subject, then here you will select that category here.

After doing all the information asked here, you have to click on it and your video will be uploaded in a while, you can see it by going to your YouTube video manager.

I hope you find this post very good, I take great pleasure in providing good information to my readers and if you liked our post, then you must share it among your friends, besides if you like our style of writing If you do, then we must answer it in the comment box

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