How to YouTube Channel Comment Setting

How to YouTube Channel Comment Setting

youTube Channel Comment Setting: Hello Friends In today's article, we are going to tell you about YouTube Channel Comment Setting, how you can set your YouTube Channel Comment Setting so that Spam Comment is not published on your channel and you There should be no problem due to those comments.

YouTube Channel Comment Setting

First of all, let us tell you that YouTube is very active today and it pays attention to many things, including comments. Now the system of comments is such that some people put the links related to the website, YouTube videos or porn on your channel in the comments.

Due to which YouTube considers them as Spam category comments, now due to these comments, YouTube sometimes gives you Community Strike or Comment Strike, which can cause damage to your channel.

So it is important for you to avoid spam comments, for which you can go to the option of your YouTube Channel Comment Setting and set some important things so that you can completely avoid these spam comments.

Why Setting YouTube Channel Comment

We have the following thoughts about why comment setting on YouTube Channel-

01. You can moderate the comments coming on your channel, so that without your permission, no comments will show on your videos.

02. You can put some important words in Restricted Mode, so that if someone writes those words in the Comment Box, then that comment will go in the List of Direct Spam Comment.

03. You can restrict links etc. so that they will also go in Direct Spam Comments.

04. You can also approve the comments of your regular viewers, who always comment correctly, so that whenever they comment, their comment will start showing on your video.

To do the setting of comment section of youTube channel, you have to follow some basic steps-

Step 01. Login into your YouTube Channel

First of all, you have your YouTube Channel, for which you first go to YouTube and open your YouTube Channel through your Login Id and Password.

Step 02. Creator Studio

To setup YouTube Channel Comment, first of all you have to go to the option of Creator Studio, for which you first click on your Icon on the left hand side above on YouTube, after which a Pop Up Window will open in front of you. In Pop Up you get an option of Creator Studio.

You click on the Option of that Creator Studio, let us tell you that to do any kind of settings on the YouTube Channel, first of all you have to go to the Option of Creator Studio.

Step 03. Community

After clicking on the Option of Creator Studio, a new page will open in front of you, in which you get many options in the Right Sidebar, in these options you also get an option of Community. You click on the option of the community from which a list of all the options available in the Community Tab will open in front of you.

Step 04. Community Settings

In all these options, you also get an option of community settings as you can see in the image above, you have to click on the option of this community settings.

step 05. YouTube Channel Comment Setting

Now finally you have come to the comment section of your YouTube channel, in this page you get two types of settings like-

A. Basic Settings - In this setting, you can do some basic settings, which we tell you one by one.

01. Moderators

Moderators section is a little special for those people who operate the same YouTube channel. Because through this option, you add the Channel URL of your Team Members here, so that they can read all the Un-Approved Comments on your Channel and approve them.

02. Approved Users

Through this option, you can always make the comments of those users on your channel approved, that is, whenever they comment on your channel, then that comment will be shown directly on your video.

03. Hidden User

Now if some people are commenting on your channel whose comments you do not like, then you can put them in the hidden user category so that all their comments will be hidden and they will not be visible to anyone.

04. Blocked Words

This option is a little special for you, because through this option you can bane some words on your comment section, such as Sub, Sub4sub, Subscribe, etc. because it is words that break the Community Guidelines and because of this YouTube You can take action.

Therefore, it would be better for you to put such words in the Blocked Words section so that whenever people write such words in a comment, then that comment comes in the section of Direct Spam Comments and you can delete them directly.

05. Block Links

Some people on YouTube share Hashtags and Links in their Comment, so that they can promote themselves on your Channel, to avoid this, you can activate Block Links so that such comment can also run in your Spam Section Go and you can delete those comments without reading them.

B. Default settings

Till now we were only doing the settings for some limited and selected keys, but after doing some settings in this section, it will be applied to all the comments on your channel, so that you can handle your comment well-

01. Comments On Your New Video

Through this option, you can monitor the comments coming on new videos, so that when a viewer comments on your video, then how do you get that comment like-

Allow All Comments- This means that you are allowing everyone to comment on your latest video.

Hold all Comment for Review- Through this option, all the Viewers can comment, but those comments will come to you for the first review so that when you approve those comments, then they will be video.

Disable Comment - Through this option you can remove the Comment box on new videos, so that no viewer will be able to comment on your new video.

Our Opinion- You should tick on the option of Hold all Comment for Review so that everyone can comment on your videos and put their point in front of you, and you can decide whether to publish their comment or not so that the comment You will have complete control.

02. Comments on Your Channel

In this section, you can manage the comments coming on your entire channel, just as we have told you in the section on Comments on Your New Video.

03. Creators Credit on Your Channel

Creators Credit is managed in this section, which is not very important for you, yet you can also put this option on Hold all Creators Credit for Review, so that you get proper notification.

04. Message on Your Live Chat

Now if you do live streaming then you must also use this section because through this option, when you are live, then you can monitor the incoming comments, but we will suggest you that you can do anything on this section Do not set because after doing this, you will get a lot of comments in Pending, which can cause a problem in doing live chat.

In this way, you can do the entire setting of the comment section of your YouTube channel, so that you can avoid spam comments and unnecessary comments.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will be able to easily set up your YouTube Channel Comment. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this topic, then do let us know in the Comment Box.

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