Top 5 untouched places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Top 5 untouched places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh With wonderful snowy peaks, valleys, picturesque mountains and a convoluted topography, beautiful Himachal is one of the most sought after destinations for travel in India.

From trekking and climbing to rafting, paragliding, you can take on many activities in Himachal. The popular destinations have been crowded with people and tourists and if you want to explore the untouched, then here is a list of 5 underrated places you can visit in Himachal Pradesh this summer:


A small town in Himachal, Kalpa is known for its apple orchards and beautiful snow-capped mountains. It is the perfect place to be if you enjoy a serene and calm environment. There are many monasteries in the town with Buddhism preached by locals. The Sutlej river flows through here and the sacred Shivling rock on the Kailash mountain is also visible from here. It is believed that the rock changes its colour at different points in the day.


Chitkul is located in the Kinnaur District and is on the Indo- China border, one of the last villages in India. It is rather unexplored due to its location and hence peaceful. The village is covered in snow throughout the winter season and it is ideal to visit in the summers.


A small village, Nako is located in the Himalayas near the Indo-China border. With beautiful treks, serene monasteries and a tranquil lake which is always flocked by birds- this is the ideal offbeat place in Himachal to visit in summers.


A small mountain town located in the Kangra District, Bir has something exciting to offer for the adventure lovers. It is famous for Paragliding, Mountain Biking and Trail Running. Tourists can visit the Tibetan monasteries here and meditate.

Prasher Lake

Located near Mandi, the Prasher lake is considered to be sacred. It is believed to be blessed by the local Gods and Goddesses. Prasher is a picturesque place surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the fast-flowing River Beas can also be viewed from here. The lake has a floating island in it and for some mysterious reason, nobody has been able to determine its depth. There is a beautiful temple here as well.

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